Studio space

Photos and plan

100m2 grey-walled studio, 4.5m in height. Includes chromo-key backdrop, with two cycloramas (black and white) and suitable linoleum floor. Lighting is artificial but space is isolated and quiet. The space is ‘T’-shaped thus providing two areas on each side which can be used for constructing sets or for backstage purposes.

You can also rent various types of lighting, filming accessories, cameras and microphones. For a complete list go to Equipment for hire section.

Multi-purpose space

Photos and plan of the space

A 200 m2 white-walled naturally-lit space (can also be blacked out) divided by columns. The multi-purpose space is equipped with a high-definition video and data projector, loudspeakers and a mixing desk.

It is usually used for:

- Assembly of large-scale sculptures and installations
- Assemblage, trying out installations, sound and video work
- Photography sessions
- Casting and other recruiting
- Meetings of arts groups and associations
- Meetings of teams working on arts projects
- Rehearsals

New separate studio space


Hangar has an agreement with Cromosoma to use their studio. Photos of Cromosoma here
This studio is located very close to Hangar and to the new space, Klein Hangar.

See map


*100m2 space, almost square in form and artificially lit
*The studio is not soundproof although it is sound insulated and free of any reverberation
*Includes chroma and infinity backdrop which can be painted with required colours as it consists of a structure and is not made of paper.
*Height; 6m
*2 x 20KW power points
*Power Generator
*Industrial lift
*Parking space
*3 adjoining multipurpose rooms (wardrobe/costumes, production ..)
*Internet connection
*4 separate toilets

The studio is available from 08h00 to 20h00, weekend negotiable.


The space can be booked directly at rocio(at), subject to availability. On the first day of work, users are required to sign a contract and pay in advance as well as paying a 60€ refundable deposit if only the studio is being rented and a 100€ refundable deposit if material is also being rented. The space must be left clean and tidy, users must get rid of any rubbish and remove any props, furniture, left-over materials or other objects. Permission must be specifically requested to paint the space, drill holes or make any other changes.


Rocío Campaña, the service co-ordinator, at rocio(at)
Hours : Monday  until Friday (15h00 to 20h00)

Tel: 933 084 041 ext. 22


Here you can download the 2008 rates.