Thomas Maos, Vincent Wikström and Hanfreich experimental music live



Thomas Mao (guitar, electronics) composes and improvises at the interface of popular and experimental music. In numerous projects, the guitarist and sound artist has worked for over twenty years on interdisciplinary projects with international artists from the fields of music, theater, dance, literature, and visual arts.

Vincent Wikström (computers, electronics) studied music informatics and composition at the Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe. His main interest is synthetically produced music for loudspeakers. His current area of focus involves installations, beat / pop music, and music for film / video games.

The musician Hanfreich (computer, free music) originally came to Stuttgart to study jazz. Once there, he shifted his focus to experimental electronic music. For years his primary interest has been interacting with visual artists, in particular projection and light artists. 

The Orquestra del Caos is an interdisciplinary artist collective focusing on projects in the field of experimental music and sound art.

Organitza conjuntament: Fundació de les Arts Baden-Württemberg, Hangar i Goethe-Institut Barcelona en el  marc de l’intercanvi artístic entre Baden-Württemberg i Catalunya.

Befaco is a platform for the development of musical hardware and open source music.



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