iii collective @ Hangar: bodies, environment and artistic practices


The iii collective is an artist-run platform born in the ArtScience Interfaculty from The Hague (NL), that creates singular performative media to provide unique experiences merging image, sound, space and the body in out-of-the-box presentation formats. Difficult to embed in a particular niche, their invented instruments meander around music, visual arts, theatre and media design. Moreover, the collective operates as a production house, artist residency and distribution agency, promoting radical interdisciplinary work.

On the 18th and 19th March they will be at Hangar, where some of its members together with sound artist Óscar Martín and Yaprak Sayar, will give workshops, present publications and perform to experience and reflect about the vanishing points between bodies, environment and artistic practices.

The activities will include the workshops: The city as instrument and stage: performing with sound, space and the built environment, Cartographies of Human Sensation, and Augmented audio-visuals, towards immersive multi-sensory aesthetic experiences; the launch of the last number 004 of Ursonate Fanzine magazine [run by Óscar Martín and José Luis Espejo about experimental music, sound art, aural culture and more…], and presentation of the nomadic series of concerts and publication initiated by iii No Patent Pending, Self-made Performative Media [dealing with subjective approaches to media in performance]. The last event will be a new edition of No Patent Pending performance series with some new works developed in preceding days at a residency at Konvent.0 (Berga, Barcelona) by Jonathan Reus, Yaprak Sayar, Matteo Marangoni, Óscar Martín, Lars Kynde and Yolanda Uriz.



– 18/03 16-19h: Workshop // The city as instrument and stage: performing with sound, space and the built environment.

– 19/03 11-14h: Workshop // Cartographies of Human Sensation.

– 19/03 16-19h: Workshop // Augmented audio-visuals, towards immersive multi-sensory aesthetic experiences.

– 18/03 20h: Presentation of the publications Ursonate Fanzine magazine and No Patent Pending, Self-made Performative Media.

– 19/03 21h: No Patent Pending #20 performance night.


more info:

workshops: https://hangar.org/en/news/english-workshop-feedback-loops-between-environment-bodies-and-art-practices/

Ursonate Fanzine magazine http://ursonatefanzine.tk/

iii publication http://iiinitiative.org/editions/no-patent-pending/


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