María Jesús Olivos presents ‘A mmm A ne ce’ At Hangar Sound

All bodies have a vibration that responds to a sound. Thus, the voice as an expansion of the body can enhance the sound of itself and that of other bodies when they resonate.

On March 23rd María Jesús Olivos presents, in the frame of Hangar Sonor, ‘Una mmm A ne ce’, an action-sound installation that is constructed from the performative experience of exploring the voice as material (expansion of the body) and its resonance with other voices, other bodies and space. The installation seeks to visualize the frequency and the encounter between the voices through a laser device that captures the vibration of the sound.


María Jesús Olivos (Santiago de Chile, 1986) is an artist and educator of visual arts. Since 2008 he has deepened in the action of art, performance and learning through the body, in this way his concerns extend to creative interdisciplinary processes. She has participated in several collective exhibitions such as: Co Habitar (Chile) 2015, SeAlquila (Buenos Aires) 2014, Confluencias, Sala CCU (Chile) 2012-2013, CHAco Fair (Chile) 2012 and Concurso Minera escondida Arte Joven, MAVI (Chile) 2011, among others. In 2013 he presented an individual show called ‘Armonías’ in Proyecto Cilindro (Chile) and in 2017 he made the sample ‘Capturar la criatura-espacio’ in EArt (Barcelona). In recent years, he has introduced himself to sound art, experimenting individually and collectively. During 2016, she participated in performance shows with DUODA (Women’s Research Center of the University of Barcelona) and Festival Vocal Vertebra (Fundación Phonos, Barcelona). Since 2014 she lives in Barcelona carrying out interdisciplinary artistic-educational projects (‘Com ressona el meu cos’, ‘Zona de contacte’ and ‘El cos que dibuixa’) in various civic centers and cultural spaces, such as Art Santa Monica ( 2016), Centre Civic Can Felipa (2016) and the Faculty of Pedagogy of the University of Barcelona (2017). She’s resident artist in Experimentem amb l’Art (2015-2017) and currently activist in Sindihogar (Union of migrant women home and care workers).

In collaboration with; Pia Sommer, Isidora Urrutia Alegría and Winka Wayne Sound System


Entrada: 3€


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