Rashad Becker at Hangar Sound

On February 9th, Hangar hosts a live music and a talk event with Rashad Becker to get closer to his personal experience with music and his thought process and sound creation.

The talk will take us on a journey through his experience in the Berlin music scene from the 90’s to the present, explaining how he approaches composing and playing live and how his work in master engineer in more than one thousand albums of different styles reflects his role as creator.

Rashad Becker is a composer and musician living in Berlin. His compositions are narratives of multiple layers populated by a set of sonic entities, some presumed, some timid, some agitators, others ready to surrender. There is often a tragic-comic touch, like a cartoon version of what could be a requiem of a dream (or a fertility dance from another dimension).
Recent works include the cycle Traditional Music Of Notional Species published in two volumes in PAN and a multi-part work called Based On A True Story that obtains scores of historical events in a kind of sonic staging. In this context, he is currently in charge of the New York-based group Alarm Will Sound and the Derlin Kaleidoskop string ensemble.
Rashad is mainly active as a soloist but is in a series of permanent collaborations with Eli Keszler, Moritz von Oswald and as a member of the Moleglove formation. Other more sporadic collaborators have been Okkyung Lee, Andre Vida, Ashley Paul and Valerio Tricoli.


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