Multifocal sound spatialization

A project by Orquestra del Caos

Teachers: Lina Bautista , Jose Manuel Berenguer , Medín Peirón , Jordi Salvadó

Sound sources are all the time in any place, so usually the sound reaches us from all directions at once.

Multifocal sound spatialization workshop aims to get the participants familiar with conceptual and technological tools that can transform listening to music and sound art in a similar experience as listening to the surrounding world . Such a thing is possible by the use of audible multifocal, which consist of a large set of speakers arranged in different ways according to the aesthetic needs of the project and the characteristics of the space they are in. By this system , electronic recreation of the sound life becomes bright and unusual.

Orquestra del Caos being very interested since its foundation in sound conditions of experimental music concerts and sound installations , has been developing since 1999 different spatialisation models of multiple sets of speakers. At present, the experimental set used in public performances includes 25 to 33 high fidelity loudspeakers. Details of the installation of this speaker set and interfaces, which will be the main tool of the workshop, will be analyzed and discussed , so that participants can perform experiments on it with their art works. For other than creators works especially designed for spatialisation will be proposed as case studies.


The multifocal spatialization Workshop is aimed at all those who wish to experience directly the possibility of multifocal environments and real-time control behavior. They may be musicians, but also artists and professionals from any discipline interested in the incorporation of sound in art, in general, or in their own productions, in particular. No preparation is required prior art, only attitude to listen and wonder about what you are listening at any given time, how to listen, how it affects us and how this could be used in a creative context.

What to bring

You should come to the workshop with the audio samples you want to propose to be listened with the multifocal set. They can be finished works or work samples, sounds, sound sets , etc. . In any case , i files be WAV or AIFF type are recommended , resolution not less than 16 bit and sampling frequency is 44.100 kHz or higher.


16 hours over 4 hour sessions in a weekend. Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 November 2013


From 10.00 to 14.00 and 15.00 to 19.00


Maximum of 15 people

Price: 80€ (60€ for students or AAVC members)


To register for the workshop you can send an e-mail to including your phone number, name and surname, Passport number and a brief covering letter explaining why do you want to attend and eventual connections with sonic arts.  You can pay with cash the first day of the workshop.

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