Exchange grant for artistic projects between ADM (Mexico City) and Hangar (Barcelona)

Hangar and ADM have signed an agreement for the realization of an artists exchange residency program, whose objective is to facilitate the knowledge of other artistic and cultural environments, to produce and to confront their work with those of others and expand their artistic curriculum. Under this program, an artist residing in Spain will remain in ADM, Mexico DF, for three months and an artist residing in Mexico will hold a residence in Hangar (Barcelona). ADM will carry out the management of the necessary resources to realize the residence of the artist of Mexico in Hangar during the year 2018.

About ADM

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Objective of the call

The purpose of this call is to select a Spanish artist or resident in Spain for a three-month stay at ADM (Mexico City).

Participation in this contest is open to all visual artists of any age and nationality who live in the geographical area of Spain, or Spaniards residing abroad, to develop proposals in the field of contemporary public art, performance, Installations, sound art, visual arts, audiovisual and digital media.

Period of residence

The duration of the residence will be of three months (October, November and December of 2017).

Budget and amount of the grant

  • Flight Barcelona – Mexico City – Barcelona.
  • Funding: € 2,100 for maintenance costs (€ 700 / month) and € 1,000 for production (gross quantities).
  • Accommodation and work space in Mexico City.
  • Use of the infrastructures of the receiving center, according to availability.
  • Specific technical assistance. In case of requiring exclusive dedication to the project, the costs charged to the production budget will be invoiced.
  • Access to technical advisory services and in matters related to artistic production available to ADM, as well as to its workshops.
  • Dissemination of the project on the web and organization of a public presentation within the framework of the public activities of ADM.
  • Hiring of travel medical insurance.

Obligations of the selected project

The selected artists will commit to:

  • Participate during your residence in communication activities of the project.
  • During the residence, the artist should maintain active contact with the local artistic context and with artists and curators residing in the host city.
  • Deliver a final report of the project to the centers and a valuation of the residence during the two months after its completion.
  • Make a public presentation of the results of the residence in the framework of the public activities of ADM.
  • Make a presentation of the results of the residence in Hangar within the framework of the Paratext. The travel expenses are borne by the artist and can be deducted from his production endowment.
  • Include the logos of participating institutions.


Artists interested in applying for this grant must complete the following form including a biography / resume and a description of the project to be developed:

Application form

* Applications may be submitted in Catalan, Spanish or English.

** It is recommended to submit the application in Spanish. Alternatively, if your application is selected, the artist must present a pdf with the translation into Spanish of his proposal for the final assessment in Mexico City, before Monday, August 7. The pdf will contain exactly the same contents of the online application. If the document is not submitted within the deadlines established by this call, the application will be considered null.

*** Each artist can submit to the call with a single project.

Deadline for applications

The deadline for receipt of applications is until July 31, 2017 at 24 hours (GTM + 1).

Pre-selection and final selection process

The selection of artists will be made through this public call.

A first pre-selection of minimum 3 and maximum 6 candidatures will be done by Hangar’s Programme Committee. The pre-selected candidatures, along with the submitted dossiers, will be forwarded to ADM Center so that they can evaluate the candidacies.

The final selection will be carried out by a commission made up of ADM members during the second week of August 2017.

The resolution of this call will be communicated to the selected artist by email within a week.

Avaluation Criteria

It will be valued:

  • The interest of the proposal according to the lines of work of each of the centers of residence.
  • The ability of the project to solve the issue it raises.
  • A realistic assessment of the time and the adequacy of project objectives to the context and resources of the participating centers.
  • The presentation of all documents and materials requested by the call, in the format requested and with the recommended extension.
  • The suitability of the material that is presented to the specific conditions of the call, either by the provision of workshops or an exchange grant.
  • The explanatory clarity of the information presented in writing and in visual material.
  • The quality of the general project of the artist and the specific project that is presented.
  • The professional attitude of the artists in describing and defending their project, in writing or interview.

All beneficiaries of the Hangar grant are obliged to:

  • Communicate in writing the acceptance of the grant within a period of fifteen days, counted from the receipt of the notification of the concession. If this is not the case, it will be understood that he / she waives the grant, which means that he / she will be disqualified in his / her right, and the grant may be awarded to the substitute that appears in the first place and so on.
  • Perform the residency in the terms and deadlines established in the call for each of them.
  • Request in writing to Hangar management authorization to make any changes in start and end dates, as well as any other circumstances related to the development of the grant.
  • Fully allocate the amount of the aid to the realization of the residence.
  • To record the participation of Hangar in any type of communication that is carried out in relation to the project or projects that emanate from the residence obtained, by including the Hangar logo, preceded by the words “With the collaboration of”.
  • The beneficiaries of the Hangar grants must comply with the general and private norms of the institution where the residence takes place.
  • Hangar will not be responsible in any case for the damages that can derive from the projects realized as a result of the present grant.

Acceptance rules and jury decision

The participation in this competition implies the acceptance of the rules and decisions of the jury, as well as changes that, as a consequence of factors beyond the AAVC Foundation, may occur later.

Once the grant has been granted and the beneficiary has accepted the grant, Hangar will agree with each beneficiary the terms of payment of it.

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