Open call second edition Production Grant

Hangar, centre of production and research of visual arts of Barcelona launches an open call for four production grants. With these grants, Hangar supplies the artists a budget, the space and the technical conditions for the production of a work in process as well as it contributes to the diffusion of the work in a professional enviroment.

Benefits and endowment of the announcement of production
– Economic endowment of 2000 € for each grant (no cumulative) for the development of the projects chosen.
– Technical equipment of Hangar (cameras, lights, audio, video editing stations) and use of spaces with a total value of 600 € for each grant (not cumulative) (see online rates).
– Technical advise to the production

Note: The contracting of external technicians and the rental of that material that Hangar can not provide or is outside the overall value awarded, and thecosts of civil insurance for activities to be carried out of Hangar, if applicable, will be borne by the grant holder.


Participation in this call is open to all artists resident in Catalonia and is aimed at individual and collective creators who work in the field of contemporary creation. In the case of groups, a project manager will have to be established.

The production grants are directed to artists with original and unpublished projects, and the project’s solidity will be especially valued.

Presentation of applications

To register as a candidate for this call, you must submit an online registration form and a single annex that incorporates all the information and material that you deem appropriate. The form will remain open between December 16 and February 12, 2017 at 24 GTM + 1 hours.

The documentation submitted must include:

– Artistic curriculum (up to 1500 characters, spaces included).

– Conceptual proposal (up to 2000 characters, spaces included).

– Detailed description of the project to be financed with the requested assistance (up to 2000 characters, spaces included).

– Justification of the relevance of the project. It will include information about the progress that the project contributes to the artist’s work (up to 2000 characters, spaces included).

– Work schedule and duration of the project, specifying the expected results, the final format and a schedule of execution, for a maximum duration of three months (up to 2000 characters, spaces included).

– Technical needs and spaces to be covered by Hangar (up to a maximum value of 600 €) (up to 1500 characters, spaces included).

– Detailed budget: the need and assessment of expenditure must be properly justified, taking into account the work plan outlined in the report and its typology.

– Selection of 10 images of projects carried out.

– Photocopy of the Identity Card of the applicant / of all the members of the project in case of groups.

Evaluation criteria

The jury will evaluate the projects based on the information sent: conceptual proposal, the description of the project, justification about its relevance and assessment in the artist’s work, work plan and technical and economic feasibility.


The selection of the artist and the project will be in charge of the Programme Commission of Hangar. The resolution will be communicated the second half of February 2017.

Deadline for submission

The deadline for receipt of the material is February 12 2017 at 24 GTM + 1.

Acceptance of the bases and the decision of the jury

Participation in this call entails the acceptance of its bases and the resolution of the jury, as well as changes that, as a result of factors beyond Hangar may occur later.


– The artists will sign a contract for the uses of the Hangar spaces and accept the usual conditions of use of the technical material.

– The presentation of the results of the grants will be public and will be carried out to Hangar within the framework of the Paratext (dates to be specified between the grant holders and Hangar), without detriment to other presentations foreseen by the applicants.

– The selection of projects benefiting from the grants will be carried out by a jury formed by the Programme Committee of Hangar. If deemed appropriate, the jury may request an interview with the finalists before giving the grant.

– These grants are compatible with other prizes and subsidies, excepting this same call.

– In case the artists submit more than one project to this call, they can only be selected by one of the grants.

– The Hangar logo will be included as a co-producer in the credits and in all types of material of communication and diffusion of future exhibitions.

Acceptance of the bases and the decision of the jury

Participation in this contest entails the acceptance of its foundations and the resolution of the jury, as well as changes that, as a result of factors beyond Hangar, may occur later.


The projects will have to be communicated with the Hangar logo. The resulting projects and images may be communicated in any format in the context of the call.




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