Open Call for collectives in residence 2018

From now until March 6th 2018, application period is open.

Starting on  May 2018

Result of the selection: end of April 2018

Cost: € 85 / month + (VAT)

Security deposit: 1 monthly payment to be returned at the end of the stay


IMPORTANT: Residence contidions

Unlike artists in residence, the projects in residence in Hangar are collective projects that, in addition to caring the objectives themselves, are capable of generating a conceptual and practical symbiosis with the center and its users. Its scope of work has to do with theoretical or practical research, and the experimentation and development of open and free access tools that facilitate creative, technological or non-technological processes.

Among its objectives there must be a specific attention to the community itself and to the distribution of the knowledge that is generated, being in this way projects that generate possibilities for the others. But the fundamental value of its presence in Hangar and its relationship with it, is its return in relation to the community surrounding the center. They must, therefore, have the will to service and reinforce the artistic and grassroots community, working with realistic and ethically acceptable dynamics from a cultural, social and economic point of view.

In short, the concept of community and of that common one is one of the axes on which the resident projects revolve, therefore, they have to be able to find echo between the community or to generate a new one. The other axis is the generation and transfer of knowledge, facilitating the access of artists and other users to the same generating learning communities.

What does Hangar provide?

– 24-hour access every day.

– Own space and free access to spaces of common use.

– The costs of light and water, optical fiber internet.

– Access to the garden and the terrace with table to eat or gather outdoors on sunny days.

– Discounts on Hangar rates for renting equipment.

– Resident projects can use the following services: digital image laboratory and video desktop publishing, small set, Ricson, multipurpose room, participation free of charge in other workshops, as long as there is availability and prior reservation.

– Free access to all activities taking place in Hangar.

– Support in the dissemination of the projects and their activities through a space in our web and to the periodic communication via newsletter, twitter and facebook.

– An open and transversal community, formed by artists, developers and other agents.

The resident projects contribute to Hangar: – Activities, theoretical knowledge through the creation of learning and practical communities and contents in the context of their specialization.

– Work methodologies based on transdisciplinarity and incorporating other fields not directly related to the context of the most strict visual arts.

– Provides research, creation and critical practices in the production tools environment.

Commitments of resident projects:

– Free advice in your field to the center itself and to other residents.

– Participation in Open Thursdays in the form of free provision of the contents and technologies to all those who come to the center.

– The generation and care of learning communities around the field of work.

– Provide new services or increase the capacities around Hangar and the artistic community in general.

– Cooperation in the dissemination of activities and enrichment of the program lines of Hangar.

– Participation in the center’s open activities.

– Contribution to expenses arising from their presence (monthly costs)

– Include Hangar collaboration in all communication elements of the project.

Selection process:

During April, the pre-selection of all the applications received will be carried out in the first phase, the final selection will be through a personal interview with the projects previously selected. Through an open call, once a year for long stays and according to availability, for short stays. The request is made by computer. The selection process will be carried out by the current Hangar program commission.

Basic evaluation criteria: – Interest of the proposal. – Types of return. – Characteristics of the project presented for the period of residence that complement or expand the lines of work of the center. – Contributions in services to the artistic community. – Specificity in technical or technological advice. – Potential dynamization from the activities of the project. – Visibility and ability to establish relationships with other projects. – Linkage to other local and international spaces, entities or projects. – Potential and willingness to undertake projects with the center and other residents of the center. – Generation of critical discourse around tools and technologies.

Follow-up: Resident projects will be monitored once a year, both in the project proposal and in their relationship with Hangar (with the project of the center, with its community and with its infrastructures). After two years the projects will have to apply again for a possible extension of the stay, which will depend on the development of the project and the consolidation of the community to which they are directed.

Hangar will agree on the uses of the spaces with the projects and the projects have to guarantee their good use and maintenance.

For further information:

Miguel Angel de Heras


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