Open call for long-stay residencies at Hangar (24 months)

Open call for long stay residencies (24 months).
Deadline for submission until November 15, 2022 at 11:59 pm.
Available spaces: 5
Duration of the residency: from May 2023 to April 2025.
Publication of results: mid-December 2022.
Access to studio, programs and services: 130,26 /month (VAT included).
Deposit: 260 to be returned at the end of the stay.

Hangar is a center that maintains (i.e. that generates, updates, reviews, repairs and sustains) the necessary conditions to facilitate artistic production and research, understanding them as practices and modes of critical speculation that have the capacity to respond to contemporary debates and urgencies.

Hangar functions as an ecosystem made of tools, spaces, diverse ways of carrying out accompaniments, programs and calls, but above all, it is shaped by those who inhabit it or participate in it.

To be a resident artist in Hangar is to take part in this ecosystem as a form of co-responsibility or co-dependence; being nourished by it and nurturing it at the same time.


This call is addressed to individual artists or collectives (whose members should not have individual and indepe practices).

Any artist, of any nationality, may apply for long-stay residencies. Travel and accommodation expenses to and in Barcelona, as well as the contribution for the studio, programs and services, are the responsibility of the artist in residence.


Each resident has a work space of 30 m2 in a building shared with the other residents. There are walls that provide visual but not acoustic or climatic divisions. It is important to bear in mind that the nature of the space does not allow for the coexistence with practices that generate sustained noise, odours or floating materials that may disturb others.

Studio facilities: work table and chair, electrical outlet, internet connection (wi-fi) and heating.

Other shared facilities: kitchen, showers and toilets.

Access to the workshop is free, 24/7/365.


1. Use of the following services free of charge: digital image laboratory and video desktop editing, Hangar spaces (Rooms: Plató, Ricson and Polivalente) and rental of audiovisual material. The spaces are a shared tool and as such are subject to reservation and availability processes to guarantee their shared use.

2. Free advice on issues related to artistic production (advice on production planning, drafting and management of budgets, etc.). Hangar has 3 laboratories (Construction, Interaction & Soft/hardware, and interfaces and networks) that are available to residents in the form of a free time bank. The rest of the hours are billed at a very reduced rate.

3. Free consultancies once a week in the framework of Open Thursdays in Hangar’s labs and with the resident collectives.

4. Free access to the activities that take place in Hangar.

5. Artists working with moving image, thanks to an agreement between Hangar and Hamaca, will be able to add a work in Hamaca’s catalog.

6. Dissemination of artistic practice and processes by integrating them into Hangar’s communication and publication project.

7. Organization of a public presentation within the framework of Paratext.

8. Calls for various production and research grants.


1. Resonance Team

Hangar’s Resonance team, as its name suggests, functions as a sounding box for resident artists so that their practices and processes -both individually and in areas of collective convergence- can find replication, accompaniment, complementarities in other experiences and branch out into connections and theoretical, practical and relational consequences. With this naming we try to depart from habits, inertias and hierarchies attached to terms such as tutoring or mentoring. This team is imagined as an interface: a contact zone between the practices of Hangar’s residents and those of those who are invited (by the artists and the center) to establish a one-year relationship, shelling out in parallel the conditions that make possible -or hinder- their interaction, jointly rehearsing a systemic look at Hangar’s operating principles. The members of the Resonance Team come from different methodological, disciplinary and/or geographical contexts. For the period 2022-2023 it wil be composed by Lara Almarcegui, Itziar Okariz, Andrea Soto Calderón and Oriol Vilapuig.

2. OLLA. Common Research Program

OLLA is inspired by independent study programs while revising and versioning some of its features.

By Common Research Program we envision a shared environment for artistic research whose rhythm, contents and formats depend on the resident artists -in complicity with Hangar’s research team- and which rehearses different degrees of openness between the private and the public, between opacity and transparency.

OLLA operates under a principle of sustainability by which the research of one opens up and is made available to others or by which diverse practices converge at one point or are tested together. In parallel, OLLA can use, parasite, take advantage of, and reuse everything that happens in other sections of Hangar’s activity.

OLLA starts in 2022 in a learing-by-doing development. It is an exercise of research interweaving whereby artistic practices seep their way to the institutional surface with the capacity to prescribe research themes, formats and threads for Hangar.

3. Shared library

The resident artists’ Shared Library is a bibliographic device that ensures the circulation and distribution of bibliographic material and all kinds of textual amalgamations that the residents -and complicit publishers- make available for common use. We imagine it as an exercise in bibliographic resistance and archival dissidence, where there is room for unauthorized books, scans, clippings, photocopies, facsimiles, annotations, records, personal albums…, which in turn questions the material conditions of the library. In the long run, the shared library is yet another way of recording and accessing the artistic practices that inhabit Hangar.

4. Text Collection

The Text Collection comprises a set of texts commissioned, translated and published by Hangar that address in depth and in a situated manner the specific practice of each resident. We are interested in creating textual materials that will nurture the work of the artists in the long term and that can be used as valuable resources for the dissemination of their practices.


The application must be sent in pdf format to sergi(at) with the subject “Convocatoria residencia estancia larga Hangar 2023-25”.

The document must contain:

1. Personal data (Full name, date and place of birth, ID or passport photo, e-mail contact, telephone contact).

2. Artist statement: The artist statement is not a biography but a brief discourse on the intentionality of the work, what characterizes it, its themes, the references it handles and the type of formalizations it usually adopts (2500 characters maximum, spaces included).

3. Curriculum Vitae (2500 characters maximum, spaces included).

4. Motivation letter (3000 characters maximum, spaces included). The letter should include, among other things that the candidates would consider appropriate:
– Why Hangar? That is, in what way the artistic practice finds in Hangar a specific and suitable context and in what way it can be linked to the center, its lines of work and with other resident practices or communities.
-Why now? That is, in what way Hangar favors opportunities for development at the point of the journey in which the candidates find themselves.

5. Graphic dossier of a selection of projects (up to a maximum of 5 works; technical data sheets, images, texts and corresponding links).

6. Personal web URL if available.

IMPORTANT: Applications that do not include the required information and/or exceed the length limits will not be accepted.


The Hangar Stable Jury will review the dossiers and may request interviews if deemed necessary for deliberation. If so, the interviews will take place in person or remotely around the first week of December 2022.

The resolution of the call will be notified by e-mail to the candidates prior to the public announcement. Given the impossibility of giving individual feedback, the Stable Jury will publish, together with the resolution, an overall evaluation.

The Stable Jury reserves the right to declare some of the vacancies void.

Evaluation Criteria

1. The presentation of all documents and materials requested by the call, in the requested format and with the recommended length.

2. Practices, backgrounds or dispositions that show a knowledge of the particularities of Hangar as a center for research and artistic production will be valued. Either because the work puts into play interests, techniques or technologies that will find in Hangar handles and accompaniments that are especially relevant to them; or because the candidate’s practice is explicitely – or implicitly – attuned to Hangar’s environment, including its services, its methodologies, its research threads and ways of being and resisting in the world in general.

3. The moment in which the artists find themselves. What they have done so far, what they intend to do and the coherence and state of maturity of their current processes in relation to previous ones.

4. Interest, solidity and singularity of the practice, as well as the harmony between their methodologies and processes and the values and methodologies of Hangar.

5. Applications from artists with an emerging career will be considered, as well as those from artists with a greater degree of experience or longer trajectory. Given that there are numerous opportunities for emerging artists in Barcelona, Hangar also intends to be a space for longer carreers.

6. The resolution will pursue diversity and complementarity of practices and backgrounds. The jury will pay attention to collectives and geographies with less representation in the artistic context.

7. The selection processes, as well as the materials they usually request, tend to operate on the basis of a series of consensuses about the way in which artistic practices are expressed and described. From this awareness, all kinds of languages and ways of accounting for a professional trajectory will be valued.

Data Protection

In accordance with data protection regulations, we inform you that personal data will be processed by Hangar for the purpose of managing participation in the framework of this call. By legal obligation, the data will not be disclosed to third parties. You have the right to access, rectify and delete the data provided, as well as to exercise the other rights established in the current data protection regulations.

2. The presentation of projects within the framework of this call will imply the presumption of authorship, being the responsibility of the person who has presented the project any possible claim that may arise.

More information and submission of applications:
Sergi Botella
+34 93 308 4041 ext. 21


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