Open call for MEMBRANA # 2 – Residency For Artistic Interface Criticism

Deadline for applications: January 10th 2017 at 00:00h (GMT +1).

Keywords: artistic research, algorithmic politics, algorithmic bias, interface governance, critical interface design, online tracking, Internet physicality, geopolitics of the Internet, visual arts, software studies, cultural studies, media theory, open culture, big data, hacktivism, digital symbolism.


The program MEMBRANA #2 – Residency For Artistic Interface Criticism aims to provide support to a visual artist interested in developing an artwork based on the concept of Interface Bias. The artist will develop his/her project during a eight weeks residency at Hangar (Barcelona). She/he will also be invited to participate in the ongoing investigation of the Critical Interface Politics research group, part of the european project IMAGIT, which involves contributing to the development of the “Critical Interface Toolbox”, an online resource for critical interface

We are looking for an artist working with the concept of “Bias” within Interfaces, willing to contribute to the research that we are carrying out through the materialisation of an artwork.

The artwork can be developed in any artistic media. We encourage artists to submit proposals that raise critical approaches to the material and immaterial architectures of mediated culture through designed interfaces.

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1. The context

IMAGIT is a cultural project of international cooperation dedicated to creative communication and digital symbolism. The project brings together artists, designers, researchers and technology experts in order to explore possibilities of non-verbal digital expression across various media platforms. One of the major challenges is to propose a functional, yet symbolic communication tool that would stimulate social interactions and allow for expanded understanding of community behaviour. The project is  a partnership of these institutions: HfG (Karlsruhe), HANGAR (Barcelona) The Hungarian University of Fine Arts (Budapest) and BRAINZ (Prague).

HANGAR’S CONTRIBUTION TO IMAGIT is a research  focused on interface politics that aims to give a critical and theoretical framework to the Imagit App development, and in general, to any software development that includes issues related with data tracking, internet policies, and on-line privacy. Hangar’s team is composed of researchers from Hangar Center for Art Research and Production (Barcelona) and the independent researcher and artist Joana Moll.


2. Background and previous projects

The Critical Interface Toolbox unfolds as an online resource that exposes experimental methodologies, practices, and tools aimed at enhancing critical thought towards the actual configuration of the Interface. These actions were developed within a year-long research project at HANGAR. This initiative is part of the European Consortium IMAGIT and fits in with the research and actions developed at the Interface Manifesto.


The Manifesto for a critical approach to the interface is the result of a collective and multidisciplinary investigation launched by Hangar, Production and Research Center of Visual Arts in Barcelona, and a group of researchers from the UOC. Between 2013 and 2015, a conceptual framework was built to think about the interface; How may we rethink its design and use patterns, stimulating the creation of more open and collaborative interfaces? How we may answer questions such as: Are we aware of all the interfaces we use daily? Do we decode the ideology behind? How does the construction of our identities influence the process? How to determine our interactions with others? How to generate economic value? Can we design an interface ethics? Can you make the invisible visible?

The Manifesto was completed, on the one hand, with a series of texts with the intention of developing some of the ideas contained in 14 points in greater depth. And, secondly, listing in entertainment, attitudes and actions that encourage an active critical relation to the interfaces. It is an open list, under development and debate.


Imagit App

A work in progress mobile application based on the idea of possible modes of non-verbal expression, communication and learning. The application will provoke users to respond while benefiting from sharing data and opinion. We will pose questions you may have not expected. This App is currently being developed by a team of researchers and designers from Brainz (Prague) and HfG (Karlsruhe).


Interface Politics. Publication

Interface Politics is a publication which includes all presentations and keynotes held during the First International Conference Interface Politics that took place in BAU and HANGAR  on 27, 28 and 29 of April 2016. The conference was organized by GREDITS, HANGAR, MEDIACCIONS (Research Group in Culture and Digital Communication UOC) in collaboration with Arts Santa Mònica and IMAGIT and with partial funding from Creative Europe Program of the European Union. The Conference aimed to reflect on the role and effects of interfaces in current communicative and productive systems to produce alternative narratives against the apparent naturalness projected by the instruments.

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2. Objectives of the residency

The objectives of the residency are:

  • To support the creation of an artwork based on a critical approach to the concept of interface. This artwork can be developed in any artistic discipline.
  • To gain new contributions for the conceptual development of the “Critical interface Toolbox”, the “Critical Interface Manifesto” and the IMAGIT App.


3. Eligible participants

Participation is open to all visual artists of all ages and nationalities and working in all media. Specially those interested in:

  • Data tracking.
  • Open and Free culture.
  • Interfaces.
  • Questioning contemporary communication models and strategies.
  • Media studies.


4. Period of residence

The period of residence will be from the 15th of March to the 15th of May 2017 (eight consecutive weeks).


5. Budget and amount of the grant

– Fees: 2200 euros (gross amount).

– Per diem: 800 euros (gross amount).

– Production costs: Up to 500 euros.

– Travel costs: Up to 500 euros.

– Accommodation and working space.

– Use of equipment (according with availability).

The residency does not include insurance. It is mandatory that the artist has valid medical insurance for the period of residence.


6. Conditions

– Each artist can submit  a single project to the call.

– The residence does not include insurance. It is mandatory that the artist has a medical insurance valid for the period of residence.


7. Commitments of the selected artist

The selected artist will:

  • To experiment, test and give critical feedback on the IMAGIT Application.
  • Document the working process during the residency and make this information accessible once the residency is finished.
  • Give a presentation of his/her project during the residency period.
  • Register his/her project under an open license.


8. Selection procedure

Send a .pdf to / with the following information:

A. Personal details

Full address (please include city and country)
Telephone number
Repeat your e-mail
Date of birth

B. Brief biography (up to 500 characters including spaces,  this biography will be used for communication purposes  if needed)

C. Curriculum vitae (up to 1500 characters including spaces).

D. Short description of the project including:

E. Abstract of the project (up to 500 characters,  this abstract will be used for communication purposes  if needed)

F. Related tags (5)

G. Objectives ( up to 500 characters)

H. Expected results (up to 500 characters)

I. Methodology (up to 500 characters)

J. How you are going to document the project (up to 300 characters)

K. Work plan (up to 700 characters)

L. Technical needs (up to 300 characters)


The summary of the project must be submitted in English. The other sections of the application can be submitted either in English, Spanish or Catalan. Applications which do not include the required information and/or exceed the extension limits will not be considered.

The selection committee may contact the pre-selected artists for an interview.


9. Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is composed of: one member of Hangar’s Programs Commission, one member of IMAGIT research team in Barcelona, one member of IMAGIT project.


10. Assessment criteria

– The alignment of the proposal with the content of the open call.

– The capability of the project to contribute to the IMAGIT research field.

– A realistic assessment of the time and appropriateness of project objectives in the context and resources of Hangar.

– The artist’s career and background.


11. Calendar

Deadline for applications: The 10th of January 2017 at 00:00h (GMT +1).

Announcement of the results: Second half of January 2017.

Residency:  From the 15th of March to the 15th of May 2017 (eight consecutive weeks).


For further information, please contact: /

Telephone: +34 93 308 40 41

MEMBRANA – Residency  For Artistic Interface Criticism is part of the activities organised by IMAGIT

With the support of:











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