Hangar’s grant programme is open to Spanish artists or artists residing in Spain who would like to travel to centres abroad.

Through its International Exchange Programme, Hangar lays out procedures for collaborating with art centres all over the world, both in terms of residency exchanges and in its willingness to participate in joint research and creative experimentation projects.

The programme seeks to promote artists’ mobility so that they may have the opportunity to develop their work in research, creation and production areas in specialized production centres. Contact and interaction in a different setting favours the artistic working process.

Hangar does not currently award grants to overseas artists travelling to Barcelona. All artists, of any nationality, may apply to work in one of Hangar’s studios. Travel expenses and accommodation in Barcelona, as well as the cost of studio rental must be met by the artist.

1- Am I required to attend a personal interview during the selection process?

No, there are no personal interviews.

2- When are the results of both the shortlist and final selection made known?

The results are communicated by email to everyone who applied for the grant, as well as being published on Hangar’s website.

3- Is there any kind of language test?

No, no language test is required.

4- I’ve submitted my application online but I can’t view the images I’ve uploaded. Does this mean the images are uploaded even if I can’t see them?

No, you should be able to see the images you have uploaded as part of your online application. Log in to your application once more (using the password you have been given for editing purposes) and try to upload the images again.

Check that the photos don’t exceed 300KB.

(We recommend using a 1024×768 pixel size with a resolution of 72PPI.)

If your images don’t correspond to these dimensions they will NOT appear in your application.

5- Can I change information in my application once it has been submitted?

Yes, using the password you have been sent. Please bear in mind that the deadline for any changes to your application corresponds to the application deadline. Once this date expires you will NOT be able to change anything.

6- Do I have to send images?

Yes, it is essential that you do so, in order to facilitate the selection process.

7- Are the studios rent-free? If NOT, how much rent do I have to pay?

NO, the studios are not rent-free. Please consult Hangar’s website to see the rates, in the Services section.

8- If the jury meets for just one day, how do they have the time to view all the applications?The members of the jury have access to the applications a week before they meet. During this time they make an online selection and when they meet they only consider the previously selected applications.

9- Can I attach additional documentation?

No, during the selection process it is not possible to send additional material.

10- Can I apply for a grant if I have Spanish citizenship but don’t currently reside in the state?

Yes, because you meet the Spanish citizenship requirement.

11- Can I apply for a grant as part of a group if the other members of the group meet the costs?

The grant application should be made individually. If your project happens to be selected, you should take this question up with the centre where you will develop the project.

12- Can I apply for more than one grant?

Yes. In article 2.4 of the Call for Submissions guidelines it states: “More than one grant in the annual call for submissions can be applied for.” However, it is only possible to obtain one grant.

13- Can I cancel my application for a grant or for a workshop?

Yes. You can cancel it using the password sent to your email when you sent your application. This is the same password that is used to modify your application.

14- When applying for a grant or a workshop it is absolutely necessary to present a project?

You are under no obligation to present a project if it is not stipulated in the guidelines. However, if you wish to do so, you can mention it in your covering letter.

15- What should I do if I can’t upload photographs to the application form?

First of all, you should check the file containing the image you want to upload doesn’t contain any of the following signs: !”·$%&/’º.… Once you have done this and you find that you still can’t upload the image, get in touch with us.

16- Is there an age-limit to register an application?

No. There is no minimum or maximum age-limit for applicants. Anybody wishing to apply can do so.

17- When is the application deadline?

The application deadline occurs at 12 midnight of the day indicated in the relevant section of the call for submissions.

Basic evaluation criteria :

  • Presentation of all documents and material stipulated in the call for submissions, in the required format and with the appropriate extension.
  • Compliance of personal material being presented with the conditions stipulated in the call for submissions, whether it applies to distribution of studios or an exchange grant.
  • Clear presentation of written and visual information.
  • The quality of the artist’s work in general and the particular project being presented.
  • The artists’ professional approach to describing and defending their projects, in writing or during an interview.

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