SOFT CONTROL: Second open call for interdisciplinary projects


Deadline for applications: The 31st of January 2014 at 00:00h (GMT +1).

This is an open call for participating in the second edition of Spring Sessions at Hangar art production and research center based in Barcelona (Spain). The Spring Sessions are intensive and interdisciplinary meetings between artists and other professionals for developing a specific part of a larger research project.

The Spring Sessions provide the opportunity to an artist to invite a professional from another discipline to work together in the development of part of a larger research project within the framework of a one month residency in Hangar. One participant will be based in Barcelona and the other somewhere else. The person based elsewhere will be able to live in Hangar’s guest house during the development of the residency (one month).

As the first edition, Spring Sessions #2 takes place in the framework of the Hangar’s project Grid Spinozaand the European project Soft Control. Grid Spinoza explores the processes, methodologies and dynamics of artistic and scientific research, paying attention to spaces of confluence and ways of transferring knowledge from one field to the other. The project is based on an online platform that contains an open archive of articles and audiovisual interviews with artist and scientists. The project Soft Control is a platform where artists, scientists and other cultural operators open their laboratories and their research projects to a specialised and non-specialised audience. At the same time the project is a framework for artist and scientist constructively sharing knowledge and cultural models of critical thinking, activism and experimentation.

Description of the elegible projects

– General eligible criteria

Ongoing artistic, theoretical or applied research projects that include collaborative processes with other fields such as cultural studies, scientific research or technological development.

The part of the project to be developed in Hangar has to include the participation of a professional from another field, selected by the artist.

– Specific eligible criteria for Sessions de Primavera #2

This year’s edition seeks to support projects that address the issue of transferability in the ACT (Art, Science and Technology) field. We understand by transferability: .

– The applicability of a result, knowledge or methodology in other contexts. .

– Extension / transfer of the meaning of some concepts to other disciplines .

– The process by which a sector assimilates an aspect, property, an attribute of another process and it is partially or completely transformed.

Some terms related to transferability are: socialisation, transmission, data, empathy, identification, protocol, community, hypertext or glossary, among others.

This call is addressed to those projects resulted from collaborations between artists and other profiles that carry out theoretical and / or practice research while contribute to the transfer of knowledge among heterogeneous areas.

Eligible applicants and modalities

Artists of all ages and nationalities that are carrying out a research project and:

– Option A: They are based in Barcelona and need to work during one month with someone from another discipline based in another city. This person will live in Hangar’s guest house during the developement of the residency (one month).

– Option B: They are based in a different city from Barcelona but need to work with a professiona from another discipline based in this city. In this case, the artist will live in Hangar’s guest house during the development of the residency (one month).


The duration of the residency will be five weeks in 2014, one between February and April and four during the month of June.


1. The application must be submitted filling in the online form.

2. The collaboration between the artist and the professional from another field should be agreed before the submission of the application.

3. Each artist and each professional from another field can apply with only one project.

4. The artist or the professional from another field has to be based in Barcelona while the other has to be based somewhere else. The one based elsewhere will move to live in Hangar’s guest house during the development of the residency.

5. The project developed at Hangar has to be in tune with the research field and/or stament of the applicants.

6. Both the artist and the professional from another field will be considered beneficiaries of the open call.

7. Hangar will contribute to the residency with (amounts are before taxes):

– Artist fee: 2.500 euros.

– Invited professional fee: 1.000 euros.

– Accommodation for one person in Hangar: 350 euros .

– Work space in Hangar: 150 euros.

– Production costs: 500 euros.

– Use of equipments.

– Technical advise.

– A mentor. Also the artist and the collaborator selected from this open call will participate in the workshop on interdisciplinary research lead by the mentor and Hangar which will be held in mid- June.

8. Travel costs up to 450 euros.

Commitments of the selected project with Hangar

Both the artist and the professional from another discipline will:

– Participate during their residency in the workshop organised by Hangar on interdisciplinarity held in June 2014.

– Contribute to the protocol for interdisciplinary research coordinated by Grid Spinoza.

– Write and send to Hangar an evaluation of the project development during the two months after the residency is finished.

– Give a presentation of the results of the residency at Hangar during May / June 2015, when the third edition of Spring Sessions is going to take place in Hangar. The possibility to do this presentation by streaming can be considered.

Selection procedure

The applicants must fill in the online form with the following information:

1. Personal details of the artist and the professional from another field.

2. Modality (a/ or b/)

3. A brief biography of the artist and the professional from another field (2500 characters including spaces for each).

4. Curriculum vitae of the artist (2500 characters including spaces).

4. Description of the research project including (2500 characters including spaces):

– description of the research field

– description of the part of the project to be developed in Hangar

– work plan for the development of the project in Hangar

– technical needs

IMPORTANT: Applications must be submitted in English or Spanish. Applications which do not include the required information and/or exceed the extension limits will not be considered.

The Selection Committee is composed by:

– Roc Parés, artist, professor and researcher in Interactive Communication of the University Pompeu Fabra and adviser of the Soft Control project for Hangar.

– The mentor of the residency.

– Reimund Fickert, project manager of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park.

– A person from one of the organisations composing the European consortium for the Soft Control project.

– Marta Gracia, research project coordinator of Hangar.

– The director of Hangar.

Assessment criteria

– Unusual collaborations between artists and other professional profiles.

– The capability of the project to contribute to its research field.

– A realistic adequacy of the project to the time allocated for its development and the adequacy of the project to the context and resources offered by Hangar.

– The transferability of the project itself, that is, the applicability of its results to other contexts or people.

– The capacity of the project to involve Hangar’s network of parnets and collaborators.


Deadline for applications: The 31st of January 2014 at 00:00h (GMT +1).

Announcement of the results: Mid February 2014.

Residency: one between February and April and four during the month of June.

For further information, please contact

Marta Gracia

Telf: 933084041 ext. 22

With the support of:


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