Like book and music, board game has entered the era of reproducibility and distributed network. Here and there, game designers, publishers, collectives release their 3D checkers on-line or an entire game in print-and-play under a Creative Commons license.

Early 2015, Dcalk received a Research&Development Grant to develop the idea of a Ludobox (Digital Games Library), following the inspiring Piratebox and Librarybox initiatives that facilitates access & sharing of free digital content through a wifi routeur. And so does the Ludobox : it gathers free-licensed board games, cards games, urban games, role playing games, toys, video games as well as topical resources (publications, manuals, medias).

In this talk, Dcalk will go through the history and issues of offline networks and the Ludobox’ s prototyping as well as expand the topic to digital libraries to discuss the aspects of collection (curation, conservation, community) and mediation (offline combined with physical and online infrastructures), this type of device underlines. The talk will be followed by a demo to copy and share digital resources on #games #design #culture #libraryscience #education.

Open and free activity
Date: 4 noviembre
Time: 19.30h
Place: Hangar (Nave 1)

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