Huaqian Zhang

Short term residency

April - June 2022

Huaqian Zhang, Wenzhou, 1997

Huaqian (aka. waki) might call herself a speculative designer moving through a transdisciplinary field, as she usually gets confused and does not know when she is drawing patterns or planes, sewing or wiring, writing or filming; when living or dreaming.

Waki seeks to establish ties between art and design, understanding art as a world processor —from analytic incomes to disruptive outcomes—, and design as a translation of such expression to an endured and systematized dimension. Her execution method tends to be the micro-observation of everyday life and/or the macro-expansion of a fantasized fiction, searching for dumb ways to die and hidden ways to be alive. She believes in situated knowledge and the potential of agency by erasing the separation between reality and virtuality, subject and object, nature and culture. She is also worried about how technology materializes our memories by digging the mutual constitution between image and imagination, bodies and buildings, economies and ecologies. Everything could be a reason to start an investigation by putting things into a relational research, explored through a transcale study, by adding layers of complexity to enable recursive narratives. This hyper-computational (but not binary) methodology needs continuous actualization to produce new f(r)ictions, in order to adapt or adjust the constantly changing contemporaneity.

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