Multipurpose spaces for rent

Hangar has several multi-purpose spaces which are rented out to artists, projects, and cultural projects based on availability.

The spaces can be rented out with or without equipment. Equipment includes a range of spotlights, film accessories, cameras, and microphones.

· Multi-purpose space

This is a 200 m2 space with white walls, natural light (the space can be darkened), and columns. The space is equipped with a high definition video projector, loudspeakers and a mixing desk. It is often used for the assembly of large format sculptures or installations, installation tests, projection and sound tests, photo shoots, meetings, and rehearsals.

· Sound Stage

This is a 100m2 space with a 4.5m high ceiling and grey walls. There is a green screen, 2 seamless paper backgrounds (black and white), and a linoleum floor adapted to the space. There is no natural light but the fact it is isolated makes it a quiet place to work in. Its “T” shape creates 2 small lateral spaces that can be used to build small sets, or as a backstage space during shoots.

· Classroom

This is a 50 m2 space with grey walls, good acoustics and natural light. The classroom is equipped with tables and chairs for 25 to 30 people.

Ideal for workshops, meetings and work groups, among others.

. The Ricsson Room, designed mainly to serve as a stage is equipped with a dark and clear space of about 150 m2. The building has dressing rooms, production room and scene control booths.



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