Program for workshops January to May 2017

Registration is now open for the following courses and workshops that will take place in Hangar from January to May 2017.

VJ and Video Mapping Workshop in Processing
January 9th, 11th, 13th, 16th, 18th and 20th, 2017. During this laboratory workshop we will make a historical journey through the techniques and aesthetics associated with the projection of images in the physical space, from the invention of the magic lantern to the aesthetics of the remix and current paradigms of augmented reality. We will analyze the processes of creation and conceptualization of video performances in real time and we will learn how to design and program software tools for VJ and video mapping using Processing (Java), a free and extensible programming environment, able to generate and manipulate images in real time and adjust the projection of images on complex and irregular surfaces. +info

DIY for New Artesans. Course of introduction to the construction and the assembly
January 17th to February 14th 2017
This workshop aims to be an introduction / first contact with the volumetric and three-dimensional construction. An approach to materials (wood, iron and methacrylate) and learning about how to treat, understand and work with them. A first direct contact, which will help to be able to project and to solve problems related to the construction of an easy and spontaneous way. +info

Workshop on the acquisition and critical use of English for artists and culture workers by Giuliana Racco
January 30th, February 1st, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 20th, 27th and March 1st.
This workshop aims to analyze critically the intrinsic dynamics of power in teaching / learning and language acquisition. At the same time that the english language is improved, knowledge is generated, with the aim of promoting the production of material related to the subjects in question.+info

The film-essay (or the dangerous way of mixing the personal with the present) by Andrés Duque
February 13th to March 27th 2017
This audiovisual creation workshop promoted by the collaboration between HAMACA and HANGAR is for those who wish to work on the form of film-essay as medium of expression. Digital art makes us ask ourselves: What does cinema do in these days? What remains of its relationship with the real? Why do I accumulate images compulsively on my computer? What can I do with them? Let us approach these questions using our own and others’ images, give them a new meaning and free them from traditional narrative dictates, making our point of view about the world.

Net art workshop and interactive web design
February 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th  2017
This workshop offers a critical look at web technologies and hypermedia, exploring the symbiosis between art and the internet through a historical deconstruction of net art since the 90’s, the social and technical contexts from which it emerges and its manifestations outside the virtual space. We will not only study the development and structure of the web in a theoretical sense, we also will have practical experience with the development of net art projects, using the languages HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the JQuery and p5.js libraries. At the end of the workshop each participant will be able to conceptualize new ways of thinking about interactivity and web design and launch a project of interactive art for the web.

“Exótica” drawing workshop by Andrea Gomez
March 11th 2017
“Exótica” aims to reconfigure some ideas about exoticism from a directed drawing exercise. The purpose of this workshop is to understand by drawing as a mechanism of self-observation (and a series of audiovisual inputs in a fragmentary way) the idea of the exotic and how it has been transformed in the postcolonial western context in order to recover and reconstruct other meanings of the term. Information about the exotic will be presented through a selection of images, sounds and the reading of text fragments that will accompany the drawing session simultaneously.

“Piel emocional. Performance y espacios performativos” by Sonia Ciliari
March 17th, 18th, 19th 2017
“Piel emocional” is a workshop which focuses on creating a live performance that will explore two main fields of research: ‘the body as an interface’ and ‘performative spaces’. The performance will focus on the visualization and sonification of the changes of distance of two bodies in the physical space, as well as on the relationship between these bodies and the space around them. The physical space that surrounds us is not an empty space, but it is the place where the most complex fluctuations of energy are happening.

Aesthetics of digital error: Art workshop glitch.
March 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 29th, 31st 2017
This course combines the theoretical and practical study of glitch art, an art that incorporates the failure of computer data in the search for new aesthetics that put in crisis the apparent perfection of machines and computerized systems. On one hand we will review examples of art with machines since the 19th century to understand technological evolution and its influence on aesthetics and philosophy. On the other hand we will study methods for the design and implementation of computer errors applied to audiovisual art and 3D design and printing, learning to analyze the raw digital data structures to manipulate them using experimental techniques that incorporate the random and accidental. We will use free software tools like Blender and Audacity, along with editors of hexadecimal and ASCII code that allow us to explore the aesthetics of error producing audiovisual pieces, 3D models and impressions. We will learn how to program in the processing environment applications to corrupt real-time audio and video files and signals.

Interactive Systems Workshop: Artificial Vision with C ++ and OpenFrameworks
8, 19, 21, 25, 26, 28 de abril, 3, 5 de mayo 2017.
This course is aimed to give to the participants technical and conceptual tools to design and build an interactive system based on the artificial vision, able to perceive the movements of the body and with them to control audiovisual events in real time. We will analyze the evolution of the thought around the relation between body, machines and performativity and study the technical aspects of the interactive audiovisual systems and their specific applications in the scenographic space. We also will learn to program in C ++, using openFrameworks, a free and flexible programming environment with the objective of developing interactive installations capable of performing complex audiovisual operations in real time.


“Laboratorio del No Hacer. Una propuesta experimental contra el trabajo, de Christina Schultz”“Laboratorio de No Hacer” is part of the research against the work of artist Christina Schultz. The experimental workshop is an art piece in itself. The project investigates, in a theoretical and practical way, the “not doing” as a reaction to idiotizing work, a source of misery in the world. It is based on the creative process from two essential steps to reach a third: stop and observe in order to create.+info

“Rítmico y melódico -Sonata de abril” by Francisco Ruiz de Infante
April 19th, 20th, 21st 2017
In this experimental workshop we will try to dig into the way memory works when it feeds the present: by jolts full of nformation errors or from torrents of images and sounds that restart without end.
In this participatory experience of what I call “Pedagogies of the abyss”, reflections, dialogues and actions will be activated, starting from the use of “motor referents” (literary, musical and audiovisual) and “trap devices” that amplify and betray (cameras, microphones, capture cells, looks, mirrors, lights, shadows …)

“El Juego Ideal” in charge of Constanza Mendoza
May 5th, 6th, 7th 2017
El Juego Ideal is an experimental workshop that invites each participant to build a board game with three main parts that traditionally make it up: the board, the pieces of movement and the rules of interaction. During the workshop the material, symbolic and linguistic structure of a personal game will be developed applying processes suggested by three apparently disparate but cognitively complementary theories: game theory, communication theory and divination theory. The method used will be the intuitive and inexperienced use of these systems of knowledge that have in common the analysis of consciousness and whose objective is to visualize, by different methods, the subjectivity. The purpose is that during the workshop these bodies of knowledge critically challenge each other in the development of creative processes.

Workshop “Gabinete artesanal de etnografías imaginarias: metodologías de observación e investigación (artística)”May 8th,9th and 10th 2017
The workshop, which has a format of an artisan cabinet of imaginary ethnographies, proposes the exploration of the confluences between art and ethnography in order to approach different methodologies that question the disciplinary, the division between the theoretical and the practical, the useful thought and the academic notion of artistic research. The objective of the workshop is to carry out a series of sessions that gravitate around the notion of observation. In this way, it is proposed to develop practices in which imagination and ethnographic experimentation are put in relation in order to develop imaginary and improbable research. The workshop will last for 12 hours and will be divided into four three-hour sessions: 1. Phantasy and ethnographic experience; 2.Manufacturing ethnographic observation tools and imaginary methodologies. 3. Night-time observation of the world with lantern, 4. Manufacture of objects (research results).+info

Workshop “Nocturnal Emisions” by Frances Ruiz
May 27th, 28th and 30th 2017
Intensive workshop which sexplores new porn imaginary through comic and illustration. The theoretical and practical workshop will critically examine a spectrum that includes the 19th century, the Bibles of Tijuana, the Italian erotic fumetto, Yaoi and Bara, among other genres and epochs, leading to the alternative hentai as the ultimate scope through which we will try to build future spaces of desire.+info

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