10,11 and 12 December

Art Motile presents:


A three day programme on residencies and artist mobility in Europe, with Holland as an invited country.

Workshop: Residencies and Artist Mobility in Europe for Visual Artists

10 & 11 December 2012. Time: 16h to 20h.

During this workshop we will consider what should be taken into account before, during and after an artist does a residency, while discussing the models and opportunities currently existing in Spain and Europe.

Registration: free, limited to a maximum of 20 people.
Deadline for registering: 5 December.

To register, write to info@artmotile.org with the subject “Workshop”, indicating in your e-mail: your full name, telephone and contact details, a brief description of why you are interested in the workshop and what issues you hope it can help you with.


• Session One: 10 December

16h: Welcome and presentation of the workshop.

16:30h – 17:30h: A.I.R. programmes: what, how and why. Models of residencies and considerations to take into account before, during and after doing a residence. Presented by Heidi Vogels from Trans Artists.

17:30h – 18h: Questions and answers.

18h – 18:15h: Break.

18:15h – 19h: A.I.R. programmes in Europe and presentation of the “Browser of residencies and art production spaces in Europe”. Presented by Raquel Camera, collaborator of Artistas Visuales en Red and coordinator of the project Browser of residences.

19h – 19:30h: Questions and answers.

19:30h – 20h: Evaluation of the session.

• Session Two: 11 December

16h: Presentation of the programme of the session.

16:15h – 17:15h: A.I.R. programmes in Spain. Presented by Marta Gracia of Art Motile.

17:15h – 17:45h: Questions and answers.

17:45 – 18h: Break.

18h – 19h: Artist mobility programmes in Europe. Presented by Jordi Baltà and Dace Kiulina from Foundation Interarts.

19h – 19:30h: Questions and answers.

19:30h – 20h: Evaluation of the workshop.

Conference: Artist Residencies in Holland: Models, Opportunities & Experiences

12 December 2012. Time: 17h.

Activity open to the public. Follow this event by live streaming on: http://stream.hangar.org:8000/minipimer.ogg


17h: Welcome, greeting by the Embassy of The Netherlands in Spain and introduction to the topic of the conference by Toni Subirà from Art Motile.

17:30h – 18h: A.I.R. programmes in Holland: what, how and where. Presented by Heidi Vogels, coordinator of AiR Platform NL, network of Dutch residences.

18h – 18:30h: Rotterdam Artist in Residence network. Presented by Maaike Gottschal, coordinator of RAIR Rotterdam Artist in Residence, network of residences of Rotterdam (by Skype).

18:30h – 18:45h: Questions and answers.

18:45h- 19h: Break.

19h – 19:30h: A Dutch residence: Buitenwerkplaats. Presented by Dagobert Bergmann and Maud Aarts, directors of the artistic residence Buitenwerkplaats in Holland.

19:30h – 20h: An artist in Holland. Artist Lúa Coderch, recipient of the Hangar (Barcelona) – Smart Project Space (Amsterdam) exchange programme grant 2012.

20h – 20:30h: Questions and answers and end of the conference.

All activities will take place in:

Nau Ivanow, C/ Hondures, 28 – 30, 08027 Barcelona.

Metro: L1 and L5 Sagrera.

A.I.R. ARRAY is an activity organised by Art Motile in collaboration with Trans Artists.

With the participation of: Fundación Interarts and Artistas Visuales en Red.

And the support of: Embassy of The Netherlands in Spain and Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs programme.

Thanks to: Nau Ivanow and Hangar.

Art Motile is supported by: Ministry of education, culture and sport.

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