Dorkbot 2019

On Friday 13 September at 7:30 pm, within the framework of Tallers Oberts Poblenou, a new edition of Dorkbot, the community of people who do strange things with electricity in Barcelona, is held in Hangar. Antònia Folguera will be in charge of presenting the following projects:

Technologies for local and community radio. Guifipedro (XRCB)

Guifipedro de Guifinet and the Barcelona Community Radio Network ( will explain why it is important and how to opt for decentralisation, federation and post-internet technologies. How to start from a radio station like (a customised wordpress) to open the way towards decentralisation and autonomy with

The life, lessons & rules for success: The journey, the teachable moments & 10 rules for success cultivated from the life & wisdom. Joana Moll

The Life, Lessons & Rules for Success: The Journey, The Teachable Moments & 10 Rules for Success cultivated from the Life & Wisdom of Jeff Bezos” was purchased at Amazon on June 17th 2019. In order to purchase the book, Amazon forced the customer to go through 12 different interfaces made of large amounts of code. Overall, we could track 1307 different requests to all sort of scripts which equaled to 8724 pages of printed code and 87.33Mb of data. Amazon’s business model is based on “obsessive costumer focus”, which entails the continuous tracking of customer behavior in order to amplify the monetization of the user. Thus, the 87.33Mb of code responsible for tracking user activity that were involuntarily loaded by the customer through the browser, relentlessly put Amazon’s core money-making strategy at work. Moreover, all the energy needed to load all this data was effectively unloaded upon the customer, who ultimately assumed not just part of the economic costs of Amazon’s monetization processes, but also a portion of its environmental footprint. The piece narrates the journey of the customer within the labyrinth of interfaces and code that allowed to buy Jeff Bezos’s book while witnessing the mounting energy costs that were helplessly paid for by the Amazon customer.

Routing in the dark. Mario Santamaría

Artistic research project on the material transformation of objects into connective infrastructures, black boxes and navigation devices that takes as its starting point the flow of data in telecommunications networks as sculptural material. From a series of routers programmed to navigate with TOR, strange forms of navigation are proposed that explore the techno-poetic possibilities of connection in relation to territory, infrastructures and their temporalities.

AoT Bots: Sonic Automats. Xavi Manzanares

Sonic automats with RPi platform and generative programming with Pd-L2Ork.
Stand alone devices that auto generates several kind of electronic music genres, depending on the model (Drone / Tech / Abstract, etc)
as a part of the research process produced in the Hangar interaction lab’s grant (2018). Sonic automats features the critical concept of AoT (Autonomy of Things) as a critical framework towards the Internet of Things Trending phenomena.

AoT features the autonomy of technological devices in several levels: functional, programatical and self powered. This means that any device could be autonomous and self efficient, becoming as an answer against monopolistic energy producers within the climate emergency scenario.

Techno Spider. Pau Jurado and Llorenç Guardia

Mechanical Seeds is an art company founded in 2017 by Pau Jurado and Llorenç Guardia that creates performances through motorized kinetic sculptures that interact with the spectator, imitating natural movements that transmit the sensation of being alive mechanically. On this occasion, the piece presented in the form of a performance will be “Spider Techno”.


At the end of the presentations there will be a Live Coding party in charge of the collective in residence Toplap.

This edition has the collaboration of the artisan beer Brew By Code.


Photo: Mario Santamaría

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