(Català) Hangar col·labora a la nova edició de Grigri Pixel junt amb MediaLab Prado, BAU y ETSII

Next Saturday 11 March in Madrid will be presented the second edition of Grigri Pixel. A program of residences, meetings and workshops around the manufacture of magical objects in urban spaces based on collaborative practices and digital manufacturing strategies of the African continent.

The name of the project has its origin in the meaning of the two words that form it: it is the name given in West Africa to objects that are used as amulets, and pixel is the smallest homogeneous unit in color that forms part of a digital image.
Throughout the year, three workshops will be organized in collaboration with African makers: in July in Casablanca, in October in Madrid and in Barcelona in November. Grigri Pixel aims to reconnect experiences of city creation between Africa and Europe in order to raise common questions capable of making visible synergies, points of meeting or differences in the practices and processes of care and maintenance of public spaces between these two territories.
This initiative operates through alliances with local spaces and communities of the collaborating cities for the organization of experimental workshops of collective construction of urban furniture elements with free license. These objects of urban furniture, in the form of amulets or grigris, made collectively, will have the capacity not only to be useful or functional for the local community of users but also to act as protectors of the common space in which they are located, thanks to the story Of their manufacture and the affective network on which they are based.
Grigri Pixel is a cross-cutting and innovative project that establishes the interests of different areas of work such as international cooperation, sustainable urban development, citizen participation, culture, open design or the environment. The project visibilizes and links innovative and transformative initiatives to build a network of contemporary urban spaces and practices that fosters and makes possible a more diverse and multicultural citizenship.
Grigri Pixel was born in Medialab Prado (Madrid) on the initiative of Susana Moliner, curator and cultural producer. The production labs are designed and dynamized by Enorme Studio (Madrid), Yago Torroja (Madrid) and Blanca Callén (Barcelona), researcher and teacher at BAU, who works in collaboration with Hangar (Barcelona)

More information about the project here.

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