Volum reconstruction workshop

@ faboratory|Hangar & Arturo Castro|openFrameworks

20-21, 2013. 11h-20h

price: 75€

The new ubiquity of domestic multimedia products that go beyond the paradigm of two-dimensionality (3d video, 3d cams, 3d printers, volumetric sensors for gaming) triggers a revolution in the collective imaginarium. Projects like Reprap, libfreenect, or RGBDtoolkit are potential catalysts for new media and new distributed economies. One of the main ways in generating volumetric geometries is done through the use of scanners.

In the workshop we will see what are the main three-dimensional scanning techniques (contours, laser beam, structured light, etc.), their foundations and some examples. We’ll also discuss the main reconstruction algorithms (poisson, marching cubes) for mesh generation and standards formats (information) that are used to handling these.

In turn we will see some examples of software that use these techniques and how to combine them to create models that can be, for instance, printed.

Requiered material: laptop; optional: kinect/3d-scanner, 3d printer

Free intro-workshop: http://zzzinc.net/2013/introduccion-a-openframeworks/

Arturo Castro:

Is an engineer, artist and teacher who usually works in interactive installations, virtual environments and other creative developments. Currently he is based in Barcelona.

Arturo is one of the developers of the open source tool for creative coding openFrameworks along with Theo Watson and Zach Lieberman.

Among other projects, he collaborated with the company Reactable Systems in the development of the commercial version of the musical instrument Reactable.

His last work in collaboration with Kyle McDonald, Faces, was nominated for the awards by the London museum of design, Design of the year and has been exhibited among other places at the exhibition Playtime at Maison d’AIlleurs in Yverdon, Switzerland.

Raul Nieves:

Having worked in various international architectural firms, began to collaborate with the GTI (Interactive Technologies Group) of the UPF, where is in charge of the implementation of pervasive technology for research projects around pedagogyl.

Founding member of blablabLAB within he produced nationally recognized projects (Santa Monica, Sala d’Art Jove) and international (Ars Electronica), and national and international exhibitions (Istanbul Biennial, Seoul Biennial, New York).

In 2013 starts Pratipo, a platform where teaching (Elisava ACVIC, Hangar), production (Idensitat) and creative research (SAJ2013) meet.

Booster of Faboratory (in residence at Hangar): an experimental laboratory around diy digital fabrication machines, where he often conducts workshops.

enroll: info@faboratory.org

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