The Exploding Plastic Fest 2

The Exploding Plastic Fest -an improvisation happening or a controlled music and movement art chaos- comes back with its particular tribute party to Andy Warhol and his multidisciplinary events “The Exploding Plastic Inevitable”. A unique meeting between dancers, musicians, choreographers and nonconformist performers who, through improvisation, will turn Hangar into the epicenter of the scenic and musical exploration for a day.
This is an experimental laboratory carried out by a collective of improvisation that proposes a happening where we don’t know what’s going to happen: some general guidelines to facilitate the surprise and spontaneity. A stage space (or more) where a face to face between participating artists -musicians, dancers and performers- will be held, with a common goal: beat the limits of the creativity.
In this second edition, besides exploring new artistic possibilities, artists also want to have a good time. Because of this, they will offer several interventions, they will enlarge the variety of musical styles, they will foster creative heterogeneity, and they will leave space to all the moments of public engagement, remembering the Warhol style in his plastic parties.


Marta Hervás
Mark Cunningham
Càndid Coll (Autodestruccio punkrock)
Lluís Rueda
Paloma Muñoz
Kike Bela (Kik E Barbuda)
Anna Romaní
Sonia Fernandez Lage
360grados Danza Contemporánea
Alex Casteleiro
Carles Rigual
Guillem Llotje Rabada
Elia Genis
Sun Color (
Victoria Macarte
Almudena Pardo
Giuliano Gius TaakStudio
Marina Fullana
Carlos Bonilla
Guillermo Carrion
Raquel Klein
Adriano Galante (Seward)
Mireia De Querol Duran
Iera Delp Arregi



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