Workshop “MacGyver Filmmaking: DIY Camera Apparatuses” by Daniel jacoby and Yu Araki

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Camera motion is a powerful tool in filmmaking. Dollies, cranes, steadicams, floating cameras, handheld shots, and an endless list of different ways for a camera travel around the action. These stylistic devices, and the apparatuses they require, have been, almost since the beginning of cinema, intrinsic elements of the language of many filmmakers. Well, at least of those who could afford them. With the high cost of the equipment, their weight and the necessity for one or several operators, moving the camera has for many years been a luxury that only those with a big producer behind could afford.

Nowadays, however, camcorders are a fraction of the size, the weight and the price. With a little imagination, building such apparatuses to enhance your shots is as simple as it is for MacGyver to turn an intelligence satellite and a parachute into a hang glider. Yes, with lots of duct tape indeed.

This workshop aims to introduce participants to non-conventional ways of using a camcorder, with a special emphasis in how low-cost approaches can often trigger much creative and interesting results than the ready-made products available in the market.

Workshop leaders:

– Daniel Jacoby (b. 1985, Lima PE)
– Yu Araki (b. 1985, Yamagata JP)
From the end of June, the result of their first collaboration will be on show at Fundació Miró, where they will exhibit a film partly shot using DIY apparatuses.

Course program:

– First, we will start by showing examples of ingenious ways to play with the camera, used in cinema, videoart, the internet, and the work of the workshop leaders themselves.
– Then, as individuals or in groups, all participants will develop the concept for a DIY filming apparatus.
- By the end of the day, participants will have finished a working prototype and
- To end the session, we will show the recorded footage to each other and share our impressions.
Addressed to:
– Professionals, students or enthusiasts of visual arts, videoart, film, performance, activism, graphic design, scenery design, architecture, robotics, or any field that could benefit and/or contribute to/from these tools.


– Basic operation of camcorders, film cameras, mobile phone or any device capable of capturing moving image.
– Participants are welcome to bring their own camcorders, mobile phones or film cameras, if they don’t want to rely on the limited equipment available at Hangar.
- Participants are also invited to bring any object(s) with the potential of becoming a filming apparatus (toys, furniture, old appliances, motors, instruments, tripods, etc.).
- The workshop will be given in English and Spanish. A basic level of spoken
English is recommended, though not mandatory.

Practical Info:

Capacity: Max. 10 participants
Duration: 6 hours
Dates: 6th of July, 2017, from 11:00 to 18:00 (one hour lunch break)
Price: Free
Location: Hangar

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