Dual workshop on 3d printing and volumetric scanning


Part I_ Participants will build their own 3d printer (included in the price) and learn how to run their first prints.

Part II_ It will consist on capture and modify real world data that will be fed to the printers.

Part I_ 17,30H-21,30H
Participants will build a Mendel Prusa RepRap printer (http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_Mendel) from scratch. First session will compromise the assembly of the structure and will be closed by an open talk about the reprap project and the state of the art about diy/open fabbing. Friday session will be used to solder the board and test the electronics. The hot end construction and final tweaks will be done during saturday. Sunday the participants will be introduced on how to use the printer.

Part II_ 25.26.27/05/2012    25/05/2012   17,30 h-21, 30H     26.27/05/2012 10, 30H-18, 30H
Using openFrameworks or Processing participants will be introduced on how to do volumetric scans using a kinect and the principles behind the hardware solution. The weekend will be used to test 3d-treating techniques over the captured data and try prints of the resulting geometries.

All the software used during the workshops is free and opensource.

_Arturo Castro is a computer scientist, artist, and professor working on the development of interactive installations, virtual environments and other creative developments. Nowadays is living in Barcelona.
Arturo is one of the core developers of the open source tool for creative programming openFrameworks, along with Theo Watson and Zach Lieberman.
Among other projects, has worked since 2009 with the company Reactable Systems in the development of the commercial version of the Reactable.
Arturo studied computer engineering, often teaches creative programming.
His latest  work in collaboration with Kyle McDonald has been nominated for the Design of the Year award by the Design Museum in London.

_blablabLAB (ironically recursive acronym for “laboratorio adisciplinar blablablab”)  a structure for transdisciplinary collaboration.
Works in the cultural reality of the average citizen, around the social imaginary, in a present time and generating perspective.
Develops its production with a highly political order, through erosion+parasitism of several disciplinary fields (science, technology, finance, biology, art, advertising, gastronomy…), without a medium or format predefined, and with a extropianist philosophy combined with a DIY praxis focused in the knowledge, for his generation, property, and dissemination.
Imagines strategies and invents tools to confront the society with its polyhedrical and complex reality -urban, technological, alienated and hyperconsumerist-.

600 €
including 2 workshops + 3D printer + 1 kg plastic
for separate workshops or questions contact us on

limited to 15

català, castellano, english

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