3D printing workshop by Patricio Rivera

This course is aimed at those who wish to incorporate this technology into their habitual work as a medium and resource for their productions.

3D printing is a disruptive technology that has an immense field of application, and we can take advantage to empower our work and that of our community:

Anchors, supporting parts, joints for our installations
Stands for sculptures
Lost pots for a mixing table
Hanging hooks for a rack
Lens caps for camera lens
Templates for cutting and measuring
Support for the projector
Modular building systems
Boxes for our electronics prototypes
Parts and teaching material for our students
Molds, pots and pans, miscellaneous
Stuff in general, and whatever shape we can think of.

Aimed at

No prior knowledge required. Bring a computer, if possible.


To know the technology, its scope and limitations.
To apply 3D printing to a specific project.
To use different modeling software options (OpenScad – Tinkercad).
To achieve to design pieces of medium complexity.
To learn the basic operation of a 3D printer and print the modeled parts.

Duration: 9 hours
Calendar: April 14
Schedule: From 10h to 21h
Places:: Maximum 15 people
Registration fee: € 40
Material included in the registration fee: supplies, necessary materials and 3 hours / printing service machine.


Additive digital manufacturing. 3d print. Five minutes of history. Hacking and planned obsolescence. Social and economic impact. Examples of application oriented to artistic projects. Different printing technologies. FDM technology. Functioning. FDM printer types. Printing materials. Rapid prototyping. Stages, workflow and practical example. Scope, limitations and recommendations for the use and possible assembly of our own printer. Production strategies. Think about your own project. 3D modeling. OpenScad and Tinkercad modeling software. Parametrization. Slicing. Repositories. Share our models with the community. Future and perspectives.

Each participant will develop a printing project applied throughout the meetings, which we will print towards the end of the course.


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