Interactive systems based on artificial vision for installation and performance

C++ OpenFrameworks Programming Laboratory (level 3)

The desire to deposit in machines physical and cognitive functions similar to those of humans can be traced back beyond the Middle Ages and can still be seen today updated in artificial vision technologies, capable of perceiving, interpreting and digitizing subjects and objects of the physical world.

This course investigates in a theoretical and experimental way the creative potential that artificial vision offers for the creation of interactive works and research in corporal performativity in virtual and augmented reality environments.

We will start from the study of the relationship between bodies, machines and performativity, encompassing references in phenomenological, materialistic and posthumanistic thought of the cognitive sciences and human-computer interaction, and the new philosophical conceptions of the natural and the artificial, the being, the presence, the sensory immersion and the limits of the digital body. We will program in C++ language using openFrameworks oriented to develop applications to acquire and process data from video cameras and sensors such as Kinect v1, v2 and Leap Motion, being able to detect facial gestures and body movements for the control of audiovisual events in real time.

Participants will design interactive experiences that allow the simultaneous participation of several users interacting with the system using their body and gestures in a transparent and natural way. They will build prototypes of interactive systems in mixed groups of novice and experienced programmers, designers, theorists and performance artists, culminating in an exhibition and assessment of the results.

Aimed at: Interested in performing arts, live audiovisual, installation and stage design, costume design, music, advertising, television. 3D, virtual and augmented reality developers. Researchers in education, psychology and cognitive sciences.

– Study of the philosophy of the digital body and the aesthetics of the interactive work of art.
– Aesthetic and technological analysis of complex interactive systems.
– Programming skills with specialization in machine vision and machine learning using the C++ language and OpenFrameworks.
– Design and build a prototype of a controlled interactive system with live gestures and body movements.

Requirements: The workshop is oriented to people with little or no experience in C++ / openFrameworks programming. It is only necessary to attend with a laptop computer.

Areas of application
Commercial Applications and Industrial Automation. Scenic and Performing Arts. Scenographic design, audiovisual creation, video for performances, television, live concerts, public shows. 3D, virtual and augmented reality developers. Data visualization, advertising, architecture, photography, graphic design.

Interactive systems based on artificial vision for installation and performance
C++ OpenFrameworks Programming Laboratory (level 3)
Dates: December 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19, 21 2018
Schedule: 18:30-21:30
Duration: 27 hours
Registration fee: 200 €

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