Workshop of oracles: self-construction, analysis and production of tools for the management of reality

In Greece the oracle was a place where the question was asked and the answer was received. In the oracle of Delphi, one of the most famous, not only consulted around the personal, but also political and social decisions, consulted about the collective future and decision making.

The oracle is quite related to the speech and the word, etymologically it comes from the Latin where orare is to speak and culum is related to “tool” or “instrument”. In this way the oracles are, among other things, tools or instruments for dialogue, for the articulation of the word, the creation of oral narratives and speculative fictions.

Although according to the Greek history Delphi was the center of the world, more specifically its navel, the logic and the operation of the oracles forces us to rethink and critically review this idea of ​​the center, being able to incorporate other body figurations, as well as other geographies and myths originating Certainly the oracular nature of the game is something that we can find in diverse cultural and geopolitical contexts, which acquires special sense if we consider that these systems operate from intuition or other tools that do not necessarily depend on the western Cartesian reason.

The oracles can be considered interactive tools between different people and forms of knowledge. They open us the possibility of being able to emancipate ourselves from the readings assigned by any manual to go searching together, from the intuition and the reading of different games, the meanings that we want to give to each image, scene, object, symbol or sound.

Developing the own oracle allows to rethink the use of images that are usually archetypal or classical, presenting new imaginaries related to the political, social, aesthetic or investigative. We can mix different registers in the development of what will serve us as an oracle, tool of self-knowledge or interaction with other people, using a pre-existing sign system (respecting or transgressing its traditional formalization) or developing a new one. What things can we use as predictive, suggestive or simply friendly tools to help us understand (we) better?

Aimed at

To anyone who wants to develop a game or an oracle. Maximum 15 participants.


– Build a collective oracle
– Develop a personal oracle
– Reflect on different methodologies or predictive and consultation procedures
– Establish, individually and collectively, new interpretations, imaginaries and forms of interpretation

Duration: 12 hours
Calendar: Wednesday 9, 16, 23, May 30, 2018
Schedule: From 18h to 21h
Registration fee: 20 euros. The materials will depend on each specific project, but the idea is that they are not expensive. If you can not pay the registration but you are very interested in doing it, you can offer an exchange here: lucysombra(at)


Session 1:
Review of different games and formats for consultation and reading.
Expectations and needs, personal and group.
Collective development of a tool based on the subjective and biographical experiences of the group.

Session 2:
Review of the figure of the fortune teller, explorations around the performativity of the witch, the seer, the sorceress. Search for sensory elements “hallucinogenic” or that alter the perceptive states of the consultant and the interpreter at the time of the game. Review of different games and formats for consultation and reading. Reflection on space and communication with the environment as part of the practices of the oracle.

Session 3:
I work on the development of the personal oracle. Choice of a methodology and a procedure from different models. Think of different applications and different consultation scenarios. Select symbolic, graphic, tangible or intangible materials. Review political and cultural references, including the biography itself.

Session 4:
Completion and testing of the different oracles developed. Exchange of roles, and writing of a tiny manual of use.


The artist in residence Lucia Egaña

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