Ricardo Iglesias

Electronic device

March – September 2015

Since the 09/11 attacks and the USA Patriot Act, the growth of automatic surveillance systems and control on global level has increased with the arguments of security and fear. We live more and more in a universal and uncontrolled panopticon, in which hundreds of thousands of cameras watch, a social Big Brother. Facing the excessive visual saturation, sound as a form of presentation is proposed. In the Barcelona subway and in many other public, national and international mediums of transport, we continually remember that, in the name of our security, the space has video surveillance systems. As if the visual messages at the entrance of the enclosures or the presence of the cameras themselves at each corner were not enough, at the metro stations in Barcelona this sentence is repeated by loudspeakers. The locution has become a mantra that, instead of providing peace and security, causes fear in the public space.

Financing: Artist

Categories: Labs' projects | Tags: , , ,

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