Antonio R. Montesinos


December 2015 – January 2016

From the construction of a waiting room, the project tries to intervene in a space. The waiting room consists in 20 seats with wheels made from wood. The walls are decorated with four series of 10 drawings size A4, a poster and a stack of posters that visitors can take away. By last there is a television with a video tutorial about construction of furnitures with wooden pallets. Each seat has metal wheels and an incorporated seat vibration system. The purpose of the project is to take a object closely related to global trade, as it is a pallet, and transform it into a seat, by following instructions taken from different tutorials found on the Internet. In this manner the project aims the confrontation of two types of economies: global capitalism on the one hand and collaborative economy on the other hand. The vibration of the seats and its utilization during the exhibition cause a disordering and dispersant arrangement, reaching the highest level of entropy. At the interaction lab and the construction workshop in Hangar have been built 20 seats from pallets for the installation. The seats have incorporated vibrating motors which are connected electronically and which activate themselves every now and then. At the workshop there have also been manufactured the mill- cut shelves for the 40 drawings.

Location of project presentation: Málaga.

Financing: Agencia Andaluza of cultural institutions, Consejería de Cultura y Deporte.

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