Hangar – Kernel Festival residency programme: Matteo Riva

The project “Videmus nunc por speculum (now we see things in a mirror)” by Matteo Riva was awared with a one month residency in Hangar by the Kernel Festival in the category of digital and interactive art.

Through “Videmus nunc por speculum (now we see things in a mirror)” we can experience self-knowledge as an endless search for a truth so elusive because stands over the limit of our human nature.

Of course nowadays mirrors more faithfully reproduce images, but still they produce only an image, not reality, and still through our eyes. At the same time progress and science had given a better knowledge of human being, but they hadn’t explained all, because they could never completely understand all.

This installation reflects these considerations: we can see a mirror that seen from a distance behaves as such, but as we approah to it the image of us becomes inceasingly blurred, and then disappear giving way to our own image seen from behind. We have improved the knowledge of ourselves, but we come across the boundary, we didn’t manage tu fully see ourselves, “face to face”.

A man who is in search of himself should put a limit recognizing him as a man, or his research would never come to an end.



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