Round Table “Interface Dictatorship”

->Our access to reality is increasingly being filtered by interfaces. They become input and output surfaces, spaces of creation and confluence where multiple agents coexist. These exchange spaces are designed, and therefore they are never neutral, they belong to a point of view, a culture and an ideology. Interfaces dictate rules and uses, by showing and hiding options and information, establishing relations and setting up control strategies, most often under a freedom and transparency appearance.
If the Interface is a point of interconnection between two independent systems, then interface itself should maintain that balance and not favor one system over the other. But does this balance of power really exist? Is this neutrality an aim that we should pursue? How can we analyze the ideology embedded in the interface? What are the strategies to design an honest interface that visualize its ideology? Can be interface considered as a dictatorship? What are its power and control strategies?

Participants: Hugo Roy, Carlos Scolari, Mayo Fuster and Marga Padilla.
Moderator: Andreu Belsunces
Relatograma by Carla Boserman

27 May 2014
18:30 pm. free access
Hangar, Emilia Coranty 16 08018 Barcelona Tel. +34 933 084 041


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