Helena Vinent

Long term residency

may 2018 - 2020

Helena Vinent. Barcelona, 1988

Helena Vinent works with visual and discursive contents that she produces or that she appropriates from different media, to then remix them, postproduce them and resignify them generating her own universe that mutates according to each project. She acts on universally recognisable meanings, and displaces them in order to change certain logics of meaning in order to point out how we construct ourselves in the context of an audiovisual capitalism where information does not flow in a vacuum, but is presented in a political and technological framework of control that remains subordinated to power relations. Dissociation, subtitles, noise, non-sound, virtual space, technological acceleration, new flesh, code, language, construction of truth, error, translation, body control policies, speculative futures and extreme information are several designations that can serve to define her lines of research. Her practice is fragmentary and is not limited to a specific discipline. She explores the limits of the different languages to configure his work, which can be materialized through videos, sculptures, accumulation of archives, prostheses, actions, installations, or expanded distributions. Her work currently delves into aspects of the identity construction of crippled bodies, in the broadest sense of the term. From her critical reflection and her positioning as deaf and disabled she tries to approach the fields of cuir-queer/crip theory, proposing stories that speculate on other realities, bodies and imaginaries that divert attention from the prevailing norms, surpassing the idea of what is or is not human being.

She has exhibited her work in different spaces over the last few years. Among them are the exhibitions “Hugs are underestimated, never undervalued”, in the appendix of the Gallery etHall inside Art Nou and curated by Gracias por su visita, “Let’s art up the factory” curated by Celia de Diego, “Produir, produir, produï(t)” curated by Xavier Acarín and Carolina Ciuti in the LOOP Festival, “Transnational Translation” in the independent space Saliva, “Otro especial de” in El Cuarto del recreo, “Therapeia” in Sala d’Art Jove, “The whole world is watching” at the Panoràmic Festival, “No es lo que aparece” at Fabra i Coats within the Miquel Casablancas Prize, “Selfcare is warfare” curated by Julia Moranderia at the Ocaña, “Gimmick” curated by Antoni Hervàs in Sant Andreu Contemporani, “As slow as possible” curated by Alexandra Laudo in the Festival Embarrat, “Grandes Re-medios” curated by Rafel Bianchi in the gallery Nogueras Blanchard and “Síntesis” in the Arts Santa Mònica. She has been resident in Fabra i Coats under the Artistes Visuals SAC-FiC grant and is currently a resident artist in Hangar. This year he has won the Guasch Coranty Creation Grant and the Hangar Production Grant. Beyond her individual practice, she has participated in the organization of different exhibitions, events and collective projects, such as the Mutant Days, or a project to distribute fanzines in a traditional press kiosk. She has also participated in the management of a space in Barcelona, La Sala Usurpada, which to date has hosted several events in which artists from the contemporary context of the city have collaborated, such as “Vecinas Presenta”, “Hacer sitio”, “Trece para una alteración”, or “Punk. His traces in contemporary punk”.

Graduated in Arts Applied to Sculpture by Escola Llotja and in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona, this year she begins to study the Master’s Degree in Cultural Studies and Visual Arts (feminist perspectives and cuir/queer) -MUECA-.


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