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TV Exhibition space (TVES)

 Television as an exhibition space (TVES) is a project by Miniature that tries to contaminate television with contemporary art content.

TVES is a reflection shared with other artists regarding the importance of television and the possibilities offered by it as a medium: a domestic appliance that reaches a broad number of people in order to communicate ideas exposed within it.

Essentially, it is about introducing and highlighting the idea of an exhibition space on TV, reclaiming it as an artistic medium in order to, as a result, fill it with content. To experiment with television, to simply see it as a container, a cubic canvas, a box of interventions, a (possible) artistic medium.

Published on: 31. March 2011 by gerald
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“Media Labs in Europe” has now been published


"Media Labs in Europe" is a publication that has been promoted by Catherine Lenoble (PING)It maps out the ecosystem of European Media labs in forty different articles that describe the lines of research, interests and particularities of the various centres, networks, and enterprises that make up this map.

Published on: 30. March 2011 by gerald
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“El Retrovisor” Video Screening: Historical Memory in Motion

On Thursday 31st of March, at 20:30, Alba Mayol Curci and Álvaro Ramírez (Cooperativa General Humana collective) will present the documentary "Dades per a la Navegació", within the series "Retrovisor", a programme by l’Espai Memòries. Laboratori del Segle XX:

Published on: 29. March 2011 by gerald
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Residencias_en_red meeting at Red Lima 2011

Tere Badía, director of Hangar, will take part in the meeting of the  residencias_en_red platform from the 21st to the 27th of March at the Spanish Culture Centre in Lima.

Published on: 22. March 2011 by gerald
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Presentation of the project “School, a Conversation with Strangers”

Noemí Duran’s project "School, a Conversation with Strangers" winner of the Sala d’Art Jove’s 2010 Visual Arts competition, and produced with the collaboration of Hangar, will be presented this Wednesday 23rd of March, at 19:00.

Published on: 21. March 2011 by gerald
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The Miniature collective which will be working in the #5 studio in Hangar during the next three months, has just been nominated for the Laus 2011 prizes for graphic design and visual communication, for two of their works. One of the nominated works is WE ARE DO, made for the DO 2010 program. Congratulations to them!:

WE ARE DO 2010 from MINIATURE on Vimeo.

Published on: 16. March 2011 by gerald
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Multi-purpose session No 00

This Friday at 19:00, the series of multi-purpose sessions will open with a presentation by the jeweller Marc Monzó

The "Multi-purpose Sessions" are a series of open bi-monthly activities managed by the centre’s resident artists, which will take place in Hangar’s Multi-purpose space. It is a space for experimenting, and to make room for actions and activities that are of interest for the art context.

Multi-purpose Session No 00

1_ Presentation of the project, by Hangar’s artists in residence.

2_ Presentation of the first activity.

Published on: 09. March 2011 by gerald
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Presentation of the documentary “Dades per a la navegació”

Next Friday 11th of March at 19:00, Alba Mayol and Álvaro Ramírez will present their documentary "Dades per a la navegació" at the EAPC’s conference room, within the framework of the Sala d’Art Jove and the Memorial Democràtic’s programme.
+ info

Published on: 08. March 2011 by gerald
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El próximo viernes 11 de marzo a las 19:00h Alba Mayol y Álvaro Ramŕez presentan su documental "Datos para la navegación" en la sala de actos de l’EAPC como actividad dentro de la programación de la Sala d’Art Jove y del Memorial Democràtic.

+ info

Published on: 08. March 2011 by gerald
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Sony Z1 Camera

We would like to inform you that the Sony Z1 camera is presently under repair, and will therefore not be available for hire.

Apologies for any inconveniences caused. 

Published on: 23. February 2011 by gerald
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Befaco.org Sinth DIY Platform’s First Anniversary


Published on: 21. February 2011 by gerald
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Republications Workshop in Hangar

Published on: 16. February 2011 by gerald
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CITSAUG’s Third Project, premiered in Hangar

"What’s mine and what’s yours about contemporary families, an anticipated chaos!"


Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th of February at 21:00. 

Tickets: 5€. 


This is a neo-documentary project that presents a reflection on the contemporary family.


When and where do families emerge? My family, or what I see as my family… is it the same as what you see?

We are therefore not focussing on a specific story, but on different levels of mental models within which families find themselves on a daily basis. Fragments of a family of actors that comes together to tell fragments about the contemporary family. 

Through Socratic dialogue, we carried out an initial research into our experiences. We used these to create a work based on basic improvisation and each actor’s mental flexibility regarding the framework of the family, until we built up a common thread that ran through it. 


Published on: 14. February 2011 by gerald
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(Català) Taller de stop motion i representació sonora


Descripció del taller
Taller d’animació en stop motion a través de l’escuela 9zeros en el que
es treballarà en col·laboració per generar una peça col·lectiva, en la
qual cada alumne realitzarà un fragment a manera de “cadàver exquisit”.
Cada participant serà responsable de representar en animació en
plastilina un so harmònic generat en piano que formará
part d’una melodia completa. La improvisació per part del músic i
l’alumne culminarà en un audiovisual amb diferents representacions de
notes musicals.

Published on: 10. February 2011 by gerald
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New Continuous Training Courses for Visual Artists, 2011

These are our next courses in the technical department of  Continuous Training for Visual Artists. Enrolment is now open!

Interactivity and basic electronics for artists
Basic methodologies and techniques for physical interaction will be explained in order to explore the creative possibilities of communication between the physical and virtual world. The course will include a number of simple presentations where these techniques will be explained in a simple and straightforward manner.
Teacher: Alex Posada
Dates: Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th, and Wednesday 16th of March, from 17:00 to 20:00.
Place: Hangar. Passatge del Marquès de Santa Isabel, 40. Can Ricart, Barcelona

Published on: 07. February 2011 by gerald
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