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Last days to apply to M.A.L (Mobile Art Lab)


Published on: 01. July 2011 by gerald
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Sexecology workshops, with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens

Within the framework of the Ecosex event, which will take place from the 29th of June until the 17th of July, the North American artists Annie Sprinkle and Beth Setephens will be carrying out two workshops are designed to delve into the concept of SexecologyLevel1 and Level2 differ in some aspects such as the intensity, sexual implication, eco-sexercises, etc. Level 1 is lighter, whilst Level 2 is more explicit. Choose whichever you prefer, or both!

Previous experience in sexual or ecosexual workshops is not necessary. Everyone is welcome, at both levels, and from any sexual orientation or gender.

To get a better idea of what the workshops will be like, we recommend you read Stephens & Sprinkle’s Ecosex Manifesto.

Sexecology Workshop, Level 1
Dates: 5th and 6th of July
Time: from 11:00 to 16:00
Place: Multi-purpose space, Hangar
Fee: 20 euros
is now open. Limited places available

Published on: 30. June 2011 by gerald
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2/7/11 at 21:00. The Aura of Things

Cooperativa General Humana will present the project "The Aura of Things" on the 2nd of July at 21:00, at the Pavellón Municipal Bac de Roda. This project is the result of the Performance of Festive Technology Workshop, which they developed in Hangar together with different collectives from the Sant Martí district.


Published on: 28. June 2011 by gerald
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29/6, Opening of “Radicalment Emancipats”, by Mireia C. Saladrigues

Published on: 23. June 2011 by gerald
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Open call to participate in Ada Machine

Published on: 22. June 2011 by gerald
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Archive Histories Workshop. Re-reading Experience. Taught by Pere Noguera.

Schedule: Thursday 30th of June, and Tuesday 5th of July 2011. Duration: 11 hours. Fee: 30€; AAVC members and Friends of the Antonoi Tápies Foundation, 25€. Includes lunch on the second day.

On occasion of Pere Noguera’s exhibition Archive Histories, at the
Antoni Tàpies Foundation, the artist will teach a two-day workshop to reflect and debate on some relevant themes and concepts present within his work, such as the images relation to memory its documentary dimension, and in the conceptual and archival character of the photographic process.

Published on: 20. June 2011 by gerald
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“A Genome in a Microchip”, at the Science Festival

This weekend, Hangar and the PRBB  (Barcelona’s Biomedical Research Park) will be present at the Science Festival with an installation titled "Microarrays A Genome in a Microchip".

In the world of genomics, the microarray is king. Microarrays are slides that can carry a piece of DNA that corresponds to a fragment of the genome. This audiovisual installation captures the faces of the viewers and transforms them into colour patterns in the same way microarrays do, in order to form a great panel that evokes the diversity of genotypes that emerge from the analysis of phenotype patterns.

Published on: 17. June 2011 by gerald
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Open call for projects Mobile Art Lab workshop – M.A.L. 2011

To whom is addressed: Aimed to artists, programmers and groups working in new media or multimedia. Applicants must be EU residents. Their  line of production and research must ascribe to the following fields: mobile phones, locative media, augmented reality and social networks.

Workshop description:
The workshop will consist in the development of four artistic projects framed in the fields mentioned above.

Published on: 17. June 2011 by gerald
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Irina Botea presentation has been postpone due to social protests.

La Irina Botea will  postpone the presentaion of her work and workshop to next Tuesday June 21th at 19:00 hours. 

Irina Botea’s work has always been related to social revolution and various forms of protest, for this she has considered to actively be part of the acts of protest that are taking place in Barcelona. 

Published on: 15. June 2011 by gerald
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(Català) Convocatòria pública per a la participació en el taller Mobile Art Lab – M.A.L. 2011



Aquesta convocatòria està adreçada a artistes, a programadors/es i col·lectius que treballin en nous mitjans o multimèdia.
Cal que siguin residents a la comunitat europea, i que la seva producció i línies d’investigació siguin afins amb els següents camps: telefonia mòbil, locative media, realitat augmentada i xarxes socials.
Descripció del taller
El taller consistirà en el desenvolupament de quatre projectes artístics emmarcats en els camps esmentats en l’apartat anterior. 

Logo CE 

Published on: 15. June 2011 by gerald
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Ecosex Barcelona with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, from 29/6 to 17/7

Published on: 14. June 2011 by gerald
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Presentation of the project “Youth, Identity and Creativity”

Next Wednesday 15th of June at 18:00, there will be a public presentation of the works developed as a result of the Youth, Identity and Creativity project, in the auditorium of the Besòs Community Centre. This project took place this year, together with a group from the 3 ESO class in the Besòs secondary school and four other youth groups and youth services from Besòs-Maresme in Barcelona.

Published on: 14. June 2011 by gerald
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“Responses” a presentation by Irina Botea

Next Tuesday June 21th, romanian artists Irina Botea will present her work and the workshop Responses that has conducted during her residency in Hangar. Workshop participants will as well talk about their experience,

Published on: 14. June 2011 by gerald
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Call for collaborators: Ecosex wedding of Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens

The call for proposals to participate in Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens‘s next performance will remain open until the 25th of June.

Ecosex Barcelona, with Hangar and theCCCB, as collaborators, invite you to join the Ecosex Wedding to the Rocks which will take place on the 29th of June in the Pati de les Dones of the CCCB, between 19:00 and 21:00. Admission is free. Those attending, as well as collaborating artists, are asked to focus on the wedding’s theme, which is "rocks" (i.e.: you could use stones or minerals), and on the colour of the wedding, which is silvery grey.

There are various ways of collaborating and taking part in the ecowedding, choose the one you like best and send us your proposal.

Published on: 08. June 2011 by gerald
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Performance Workshop: Festive Technologies

PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP by Cooperativa General Humana

Weekly sessions during the month of June
First session: 10th of June at 18:30 in Hangar

Using as a starting point the traditional festive demonstrations of the neighbourhood’s social network, we will research into the forms such demonstrations may take through the combination of art media, mainly performance, but also video and electronic music.

A dynamic of exchange will develop amongst the participants of the workshop in order to work with materials that will make up a performance, which will be presented in July.

Published on: 07. June 2011 by gerald
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