Workshop “Alternative Networks DIY. Data Mercenaries & Self-Hosting on the Raspberry PI”

A 2-day workshop organized by Critical Interface Politics Resarch Group at HANGAR.

In this 2-day event we will try to connect the dots between PSYOPS, psychology, propaganda, networks, data and algorithms,
and we will underline the need to build alternative networks to retain sovereignty over our communications technologies in order to fight the silent militarization of the civil society through  machines, interfaces and algorithms. Participants will learn how to build their own kit to self-host their  web servers and personal wireless networks


Psychological Warfare, also called PSYOPS, is a strategy used in military and government intelligence networks aimed at  influencing the emotional, cognitive and rational structures of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals, in order to change their behaviors and ultimately their purposes and goals. PSYOPS tactics are deeply rooted in the diverse techno-social arrangements that lie at the core of algorithmic governance, yet they are often ignored or overlooked by most global citizens, who nevertheless operate within such arrangements.


In today’s society, data privacy and infrastructural centralisation have become primary concerns. Existing Internet governance, laws and structures are being challenged. With increasing distrust in ‘The Cloud’comes a broad call for publicly owned network infrastructures; infrastructures that would give users greater control over their personal communication, data and identities. This workshop will introduce participants to the basic building blocks of computer networking, command Line interface and WiFi communication. Participants will learn how to self-host their own web servers and personal wireless networks. These servers will allow their users to send messages, publish web sites and share files across an offline local area and mesh network.

*No prior knowledge of computer networking, programming or command line interaction is required.

Laptot with USB to Ethernet adaptor and an SD card reader is required.


+ Raspberry Pi version 3 or 2 model B (not B+)
+ Wireless adapters
+ 16GB SD card
+ Power supply
+ Ethernet cable

Total: 50€

Free registration. Cost of materials € 50. To order the materials 50 € must be paid one week before the workshop. At the end of the workshop each participant will be able to take home their own Autohosting Kit.

Pre-registration by completing the form.

Maximum 10 participants

Dates: 30th 31st October 2017

Schedule: from 10h to 18h.

Sarah Grant //

Sarah Grant is a NYC + Berlin-based media artist and educator. She is a former Research Fellow at the Tow Center for Journalism at Columbia, Adjunct Professor at NYU Polytechnic in Digital Media and current Impact Resident at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center. She makes art with computer networks and radio technology, researches and develops educational tools and holds workshops for demystifying networking technology. She is the author of Subnodes and organizes the Radical Networks conference in Brooklyn.

Joana Moll //

She is a Barcelona/Berlin based artist and a researcher. Her work critically explores the way post-capitalist narratives affect the alphabetization of machines, humans and ecosystems. Her main research topics include Internet materiality, Surveillance, Social Profiling, Critical Interfaces and language. She has lectured, performed and exhibited her work in different museums, art centers, universities, festivals and publications around the world. Furthermore she is the co-founder of the Critical Interface Politics Research Group at HANGAR [Barcelona] and the co-founder of The Institute for the Advancement of
Popular Automatisms. She is currently a visiting lecturer at Universität Potsdam.

Critical Interface Politics Research Group







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