Sincrónica is a laboratory resulted from a workshop on telepresence  applied to interactive creation organised by Hangar in collaboration with Plataforma0 del centro de creación industrial Laboral (Gijón) in 2011. After the event, Hangar and some of the participants kept working on some of the conceptual and technological questions raised during the workshop.
This brings us to 2012 when, thanks to the support of The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, Sincronica is established with the objective of trying to answer the following questions: What we really need (in terms of senses, technology and narrativity) to generate the feeling of presence? What is the potential and the limitations of the existing tools for working with telepresence? Which tools would be interesting to develop and what would be their purpose?
Concurrently to this discussion, at the start of 2013 Sincrónica organises an international meeting inviting professionals from a wide range of disciplines to share their experience with telepresence and to work together in the design of collaborative developments models.