Presentation of the Degree in Electronic and Digital Arts (European University of Madrid) .

presented by Kepa Landa 

When: Thursday 15th of July, at 20:00
On: Hangar

Free entrance!!


What does this degree have to offer?  

The Degree in Electronic and Digital Arts updates education for those artists and creators who need 21st  tools such as digital technology and offers a creative start for engineers with more imaginative interests.


It combines knowledge in engineering (60%) and art (40%), offering courses in 5 different areas: 1. Audiovisual; 2. Systems and electronics; 3. Networks and programming; 4. Theory and history, and 5. Art projects.


What does having recognition from ANECA (the agency in charge of regulating Spain’s university degrees) imply?

The fact that the degree is an official one means that it will be recognised and accepted by the government authorities and by businesses, the same way as other degrees.


Why a degree instead of an MA? 

 Because the course is a hybrid degree, it needs the artists’ thinking processes to be fluent in both fields. Experience with an MA shows that it is very difficult for those who have an art education to obtain technical abilities, and, on the other hand, it is also difficult for engineers to obtain the knowledge and thinking processes of an artist. Therefore, we propose for this degree to build a hybrid way of thinking from the very start of the student’s university education. How did this idea come about?On the one hand, there is the need to provide a deeper education for those artists who work with technology. And on the other hand, it comes from observing the social context and the growing development of art centres (Laboral, Medialab Prado…) and art and technology festivals (Artfutura, Zemos…), publications (aminima, Artnodes, Ciberp@is…) and the confirmation that almost all cultural institutions dedicate a growing interest to art that has been developed in an Art, Science, Technology and Society areas within Spain. 


Degree in Electronic and Digital Arts 60% Engineering+ 40% Art

Polytechnic Faculty + Faculty of Communications and the Arts 

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