Laboratori imatge digital


· Self-service video editing

This service is for those familiar with software and hardware involved in video editing, and who are therefore autonomous in terms of editing. This service offers the possibility of advice and support.

· Booths for self-service video editing and editing suite with a technician

There are two new soundproof and air-condicioned rooms of 10m2 each one for video editing.

· Digital image scanning and printing

Online calibrated production image processing and postproduction (scanning, on-screen display, rip and printing).

· Equipment for rent

Hangar boasts professional video, audio, and photography equipment. It also has a portable system for Internet live streaming and a special inverter generator for electronic equipment.

Check out the available hardware and software for video editing.

TARIFES 2016_2017_CAT

There are special discounts for members of the AAVC and students, and special prices for productions than involve more than 35 hours of service.

These services must be booked in advance.


Sergi Botella

+ 34 93 308 40 41 ext.27


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