Multiple Bodies. An approach to the use of printing as a tool for composition and plastic expression.


On Friday 22nd March, Alberto Peral, in collaboration with Lumbung Press, will propose an approach to the possibilities of print as a plastic and experimental language. This is the third public event in the cycle of encounters organised by the Ressonance Team 2023-2024 – meeting with residents behind closed doors during this week – in which the artist proposes to collectively explore the possibility of generating volumes, from manipulating an image to superimposing and juxtaposing planes or searching for symmetries and disproportion.

The premise is to question the sculptural composition from the imaginative and expressive powers that printing brings together as an extended technology of knowledge, by investigating the traceability of certain techniques of construction, ironing, stamping, cutting or repetition. Gestures that are sometimes seen and sometimes not. Surfaces that sometimes hide and sometimes reveal. The forms will appear as assemblages of operations as simple as they are complex, activating a scenario of relations also in dialogue with the architectural space.

The workshop will take place at the headquarters of Lumbung Press in the Hangar. Lumbung Press is a collective printing practice developed by the artists of documenta 15 and based on the Indonesian tradition of lumbung, the deposit of common resources for redistribution for the long-term benefit of the members of a community. Lumbung Press believes in publishing as a means of building a collective body and is based on transmission without intermediaries, translation or proofreading outside the logic of each project.
For the past year, Lumbung Press has been working with the city’s artistic community as a tool to communicate and transmit the actions that emerge within the artistic collective.

Practical information
Day: Friday, 22 March
Time: 10 am to 2 pm
Space: Lumbung Press, Hangar
Places are limited. Free registration via this form. Priority will be given to people interested in creative processes with a collective dimension.

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