With the conviction that infrastructures rule more than ideologies, the hypothesis that drives InfraMaintenance is that recovering the efficiency and political coherence of the artistic sector and activity requires intervention in its infrastructures.

InfraMaintenance dedicates attention, time and means to create, repair, maintain or even dismantle material, technological, legal, administrative, methodological or temporary infrastructures with the conviction that maintenance is a way to recover the capacity for political transformation. To this end, it is necessary to remove maintenance from its overshadowed and minor cultural status and approached it as a political practice that operates on an infrastructural scale.

Given this starting point, InfraMaintenance is research that imposes a pragmatic self-demand. Research needs to be practical, applied. Without a practical correlate, conceptual research would reproduce the very thing it seeks to denounce: the political ineffectiveness of sophisticating discourses without modifying practices. That is why the InfraMaintenance program is articulated around concrete cores of analysis and infrastructural action. Since 2022, three work areas have been defined: 

INFRA1_(Re)coding Institutions
INFRA2_Technopolitical Infrastructures. Laas (Life as a Service), a project by Jara Rocha as part of Hangar’s first Fellowship.
INFRA3_Towards a missing infrastructure: Poetics and politics of storage and circular use.

Image: Aldo Urbano

INFRA1_(Re) Coding Institutions

Monday August 28th, 2023

In this core of action, the infrastructure on which and...

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INFRA2_Technopolitical Infrastructures. ‘LaaS (Life as a Service)’ by Jara Rocha: First Fellowship Hangar

Tuesday February 21st, 2023

- Fellow Researcher: Jara Rocha - Within the framework of:...

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INFRA3_Towards a missing infrastructure: Poetics and politics of storage and circular use

Wednesday February 1st, 2023

Poetics and politics of storage and circular use is an...

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