What is a wetlab? What bodies inhabit it?

If we understand biology not only as a discipline of the natural sciences that studies life and living organisms, what is bio?

If bio is life and technologies operate at the level of life management, how would we define these technologies?

If technologies build and shape our identities, can we think of bio as technologies operating at the same level as a synthesizer?

What kind of technologies do we work with in a laboratory? Are they the same ones we work with in the wetlab? Do these technologies, which we call living technologies, have a specificity of their own?

If the wetlab generates knowledge, practices and experiences from a transhackfeminist point of view, how do we understand transhackfeminism?

If what matters to us are the ways of doing things, and we understand transhackfeminism as a multiplicity of methods, how do we manage the care in these practices? How do we manage the links with human and non-human beings? How does pollution and the transmission of knowledge operate in this ecosystem?

With the idea not to answer but to put in dialogue these questions, we would like to activate a series of artifacts and actions that give content to this container called wetlab.

Ce Quimera + Gaia Leandra. Collectives in residence October 2020 / 2022


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