Michael Lawton

Long term residency

may 2018 - 2020

Michael Lawton. Sheffield, 1980

Michael Lawton is an artist and writer working with painting and fiction. In his work he is most interested in translation, that is in the conversion of something from one form or medium into another, and more specifically in the gaps between these, what is lost, or what is left behind when one moves between languages, or between art forms. This interest in translation exists in its traditional sense; Michael writes from English to Spanish to Catalan and back again in his fiction, but in a wider sense too; in translating the verbal into a painting, or a painting into a fictional text, or in fictionalising his life in his painting and writing.

He thinks of writing as being about revealing things whereas painting is about obfuscating them; giving the viewer less information to work with, forcing them to think through what they are looking at. His paintings therefore tend toward abstraction though they are inspired by his everyday life.

His doctoral research has been into the writing of fiction for artworks and he is about to complete a PhD in Fine Art at the University of Kent, having previously studied at Chelsea College of Art & Design, the University of Huddersfield and Leeds Metropolitan University. He has exhibited regularly throughout Europe, and self-publishes books annually. Alongside this he has been published in academic and other journals, most recently in The Happy Hypocrite – Tolstoyevsky. As a novelist his debut novel, The Athlete, was published for Kindle in 2013. As well as starting his residency in Hangar in 2018 he has also undertaken the Guest researcher’s residency at MACBA Study Centre, Barcelona and will have a solo exhibition at 38b Projects, London later this year.


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