Long term residency

may 2018 - 2020

¥€$Si PERSE. Internet, 2015
a.k.a. Jesús C. González Fernández. Spain, 1989

¥€$Si is not 3 years old yet, although their carnal avatar, Jesús C. González, was born 28 years ago. They studied Fine Arts between Murcia and Barcelona, ​​and after passing through the Master of Digital Arts at the Pompeu Fabra University- Idec; their consciousness turned to the net and manifested itself virtually as ¥€$Si, a PsyAvatar economic RPG that struggles to produce temporarily autonomous atmospheres, artificial paradises and cyber-medieval fantasies beyond the camp.

They were synthesized as a result of interest in cyborg / otherkin themes and ended up manifesting, formally and performatively, in a character RPG (Role Play Game) – €comomystic that inhabits the Avatar realm. Their identity is fluid, clonic, multiple, an indefinite avatar representation with which to embody an ethereal being that expresses the scifi-fantasy of the genre; that is why ¥€$Si is not always equivalent to individual production, sharing avatar assiduously with Miguel Gómez (1990), sentimental and creative partner of Jesus.

Coins the term economystical to describe what happens when combining capitalist and neoliberal imaginary with speculative science fiction and urban fantasy, as sensory processing of the GlobaLove and the mystique of fiduciary value, through the reproduction of technocratic uto-dystopic myths post-body capacitors of Alt – hypersticious realities.

The current work of ¥€$Si revolves around the mutation of institutional artistic performance with memetic variations that come from popular performative formalizations such as party contexts (using the DJ Set as a format), Cosplay / Larp Conventions (Live Role) and Online Communities.

Among some of their contributions in the artistic field, they have acted both in the institutional framework, forming part of the programming of Naves Matadero during the World Pride Madrid 2017, and in the Barcelona night scene at the Club Marabú. They are a regular collaborator of the Equipo Palomar, having taken their visual identity since 2015 and whose last joint creation is the video of C. Tangana ‘Pop Ur Pussy’. They have been in charge of the direction of Art-Graphic Communication of Sant Andreu Contemporani after winning the Premi Miquel Casablancas 2017 and have produced the visuals of the LUAR fashion designer for the New York Fashion Week 2016.


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