Elisa Malo

Short term residency

March - April, 2022

Elisa Malo. Mexico, 1989

Elisa Malo studied Visual Arts at La Esmeralda and was part of the SOMA 2021 Educational Program, Mexico.

Her body of work is rooted in the personal experience of everyday life, the observation of the phenomena of everyday public life and the exploration of utopian spaces, such as the oneiric or the affective. In this way, the artist proposes and creates alternatives for the survival and confrontation of different realities.

Having a special interest in generating connections from the intuitiveness and the emotive for a better understanding of the times we live in, her research is focused on the pursuit of the understanding of otherness and what it encompasses. Proposing to return to the source, exploring the body as a valid habitable space: a place from which to empower and occupy. The body as a world within this world of conscious numbness, one’ s own frontier from which to decide and act.

Her multidisciplinary practice uses different media depending on the project, ranging from drawing and painting to sculpture and installation, and using them as vehicles to build visible bridges between inner and outer worlds.

In 2009 she was part of the Contemporary Photography Seminar at the Centro de la Imagen (Mexico), the same year she was selected for the FEMSA Biennial (Mexico) and in 2012 she participated in the Drawing a Live Festival at MAM (Mexico). In 2016 she presented the action Dibujar para recordar o para olvidar, as part of the Tacita Dean exhibition at the Museo Tamayo (Mexico). Her work has been exhibited individually in Mexico in the following exhibitions: Secret Spells (2009), Arcoíris Lumpen: Flama Aura Druzy (2013), Tiki Tiki (2020) and Neurocama (2021). Elisa Malo has participated in group exhibitions in Japan, Germany, France, United States, Brazil and Costa Rica.

She currently lives and works in Mexico City.



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