The Frankenstein Voice #audio1

It’s alive! The first edition of The Frankenstein Voice is alive: the result of a collective reading of Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley, during the confinement of the COVID-19, sees the light. Sound waves that arise from the complicity and mutual love emanating from bodies expanded and intertwined by voice and technology, thus connected despite the isolation.

The voice Frankenstein #audio1 is an assembly from contributions by Julia Martínez, Carolina Jiménez, Nerea Campo, JROKA, Paula Bruna, Frank Trobok, Carmela Baudín, Blanca del Río, Miriam Navarro Prieto, Ilaria Bellatti, Mónica Ortiz, Mar Panyella i Bonet, Gabriela Dimaro, Maria Sellarès, Toni Signes, Georgina Rodriguez, Agustín Ortiz Herrera, Eva Carbo Estrada, Sergi Botella, Mercedes Pimiento, Mireia Asensio, Rosa Oliveras Castanyer, Verónica Lahitte, Dinou, Blanca Muñoz, Laura Benítez, Carlos Tabernero, Nicolas Lodigiani, Mª Jesús Ruiz, Carlos Melero, Cristina Blanco Aloy, Nicolás Cardozo Basteiro, Virtual Dungeon, Antonio Gagliano, Sorojah, María Bonanad, Patricio Rivera, Matilde Congiu and Koen Peters.

And it has been possible thanks to the production of Marc Ribera, Hangar’s audiovisual technician.


*Intro and collage by Agustín Ortiz Herrera.

The Frankenstein Voice is part of the program Fictions of Dis-Order.


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