“Registro de vientos menores”, by Raquel G. Ibáñez

On May 21st, Hangar will host Raquel G. Ibáñez’s performance Registro de vientos menores, a profound exploration into the interplay between “Pneuma” and “Ánima” through the mediums of wind and voice. This ongoing artistic investigation delves into the sonic landscapes shaped by the aeolian harp, the pipe organ, and the human voice, aiming to unveil the nuanced qualities of moving air while challenging the notion of a singular “natural voice” as an inherent human trait.

The project’s title, Registro de vientos menores (Register of Minor Winds), reflects its commitment to uncovering the subtle, often overlooked aspects of our environment, subtly hinting at the fragility inherent in the ecosystems we inhabit. Drawing inspiration from the works of Almo Farina, Jérôme Sueur, and Tania Rubio in soundscape ecology, as well as from Susan McClary’s exploration of “feminine cadences” or “minor cadences,” the project embraces a sonic landscape closer to the continuous drone, eschewing traditional narrative structures in favor of fluid modulation and exploration.

This artistic endeavor is not confined to a static form; rather, it evolves organically, shaped by the diverse landscapes it encounters. Spanning from late 2022 to 2024, the project has traversed various stages across Spain and Chile. Its decentralized nature finds expression through a myriad of mediums, including performative conferences, exhibition installations, book publications slated for 2025, and culminating in immersive sound performances.

This activity unfolds in collaboration with Dilalica, within the framework of the exhibition Mecamísticas, curated by Sergi Álvarez Riosalido.

Practical Information
Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Sala Ricson, Hangar
Admission: Free until full capacity is reached

Raquel G. Ibáñez (Madrid, 1989)
Raquel G. Ibáñez holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from UCM. As an artist and curator, her work revolves around the exploration of thresholds—genealogies, symbolisms, and fictions stemming from liminal experiences—while delving into sound through hypertextuality and the interplay between acousmatic experiences and visual imagery.

She has undertaken projects for various institutions and venues such as CA2M, MNCARS, Azkuna Zentroa, Matadero Madrid, La Casa Encendida, MACBA, TEA Tenerife, hablarenarte, MIAC Lanzarote, Can Felipa, CentroCentro, Tsonami Arte Sonoro, CCESantiago, GAM – Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, and Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm, among others.

In collective endeavors, she has been part of El Banquete and the electronic music platform Possible Others. Currently, she is a member of Una fiesta Salvaje, a research group on performative writing based at CRA Matadero Madrid (2020 – 2023) and La Casa Encendida (2024).

She has contributed texts to publications by Fundación Pedro Cabrera, Ediciones Asimétricas, Fundación Montemadrid, Tabacalera Promoción del Arte, and the Sabrina Amrani gallery, among others. In 2023, she published the book “Granate,” edited by Solar Acción Cultural.

She has received various grants and awards, including the Injuve Young Creation Grants 2017 and 2020, Creation Grants from the Community of Madrid 2019, Getxoarte scenic arts 2019, Inéditos 2020, Plastic Arts Circuits 2021, Miquel Casablancas Award 2021 and 2024, Artists in Residence LCE / MACBA 2021, and the Creation and Mobility Grant 2022/2023 from the Madrid City Council.


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