Agustina Isidori

International residency

May - July 2017

Agustina Isidori, Buenos Aires,  1987

Period of residency:

International residency: May – July 2017

Agustina Isidori studied Cinema at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina and photography at the Instituto Superior de Arte Fotográfico. She completed a postgraduate degree in Digital Technologies in Art and Design at the Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He is currently going through the second year of the Master’s Degree in Design at the same university.

Her practice focuses on the study of issues related to gender violence, with a special focus on feminicides in Latin America. Agustina develops interdisciplinary projects that respond to a methodology of investigation / creation in which converge tools of multiple disciplines. His work is born of a permanent search to visualize the structures of power and domination that perpetuate and sustain the culture of rape, where the body is conceived as exploitable and disposable. Through her works, she investigates the responsibility of the state and the different institutions that maintain and nurture structures of violence against women through omission, silencing, re-victimization systems and impunity for crimes.

Her work mainly oscillates between photography and video. In “Piel”, video installation exhibited in Buenos Aires, reflects on the memory marks on the body of the woman. His piece “Cuerpos” was exhibited several times in Montreal and recently in Buenos Aires during the “Congress of Postcolonial Feminist Studies” at the University of San Martín. In “Cuerpos”, the artist works a fusion between nature and the female body to reflect on the effects of trauma. This project understands trauma as a wound that attacks the body, impacts the surface, tearing the skin and echoes in an underground universe. Within the framework of her current research / creation project in the Master’s Degree in Design, she has developed the video game “Sola” in which she addresses the topic of femicide in Argentina and Mexico. In her practice, Agustina tries to generate dialogue and instances of collaborative work between artists, designers and academics on issues of gender violence.

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