Anna Romanenko

Baden-Württemberg Catalunya Grand 2017

September - October 2017

Anna Romanenko, Moscow 1983
Anna’s practice can be described as “expanded mechanics” and “theater of operationality”. Her work focuses on the operational capacities of things, originating in the fascination the artist experiences through encounters with singular machines: hammers, telescopes, fittings, spoons, glasses, cables, pipes and the distinct choreographies these items are suggesting. Anna builds devices and procedures that are inserted at the border where an environment is met by the more or less solid entity considered object. Her works are constructed to permeate this border and to introduce alterations to its constitution. She has deployed powerful weapons to enter and alter this constitution including the language that operates it, gestures that move it, tools that structure and spaces that extend it.

More often than not the artist works collaboratively. Anna has built an under-water habitat, a flexible elastomere structure in the Baltic Sea; exported guided tours to map on new surroundings; has given numerous workshops on the potential of toasting and researched the mechanics of the facial blush. At the moment she prepares a Snail-on-the-Slope-School of Russian language. Employing the brothers Strugatzki’s 1972 sci-fi novel to teach a language as an always already alien world.

Anna has studied fine arts, theater directing and architecture in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Moscow. She has participated in residency programs in Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland and South Africa. Currently she is a fellow in the Studio Programme for Art, Architecture and Theory at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. Anna is a founding member of the Verlag für Handbücher (Publishing House for Handbooks).

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