Antonio R. Montesinos


Antonio R. Montesinos

Period of residency:

Long term residency: April 2015 – 2017

Antonio R. Montesinos holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Master in Digital Arts from the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

He works from the analysis, modification and registration of spaces that build our everyday experience, trying to understand how this unfolds into an hybrid environment mixing the real and the fictional, the urban with the natural and the physical with the digital.

Especially interested in the different ways of understanding the production of these spaces where we live, as well as the confrontation between different models of political-social emergency (Bottom-Up) and hierarchical control structures (Top-Down). His proposals aim to analyze the tension between management structures and regulation of space in front of the live-action capacity we have on our environment – through everyday actions such as communication or commuting.

His work uses different media such as drawing, photography, found objects, installation or digital media. To these media he sums procedures inherited from sociology, anthropology and information design: files, diagrams, models, computer graphics, mapping, fieldwork, surveys or workshops. The use of poor materials, the use of Low-Fi technology and “Do it yourself” near procedures are constants in the development of his work.

He has worked and exhibited in contexts such as: La Centrale électrique (Brussels), Central EX-TERESA (Mexico), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), I + CAS (Sevilla), Residencia de Estudiantes (Madrid) Hangar (Barcelona), CAAC (Sevilla), Santa Monica Art Center (Barcelona), CACMA (Málaga) or EACC (Castellón). In recent years he has made several exhibitions such as: XXIV edition Circuitos de Artes Plásticas de la Comunidad de Madrid, Who Makes Europe in the Städtische Galerie (Bremen) in Matadero (Madrid) and in Gdańsk City Gallery (Poland), Construir Paisaje II – Inopias in Nuble Gallery (Santander) or Paisajismo Craneoencefálico in Valverde Gallery (Madrid).

Apart from his individual production he has been actively involved in various associations and groups such as D_forma collective and the Rampa independent production space. He is also part of collaborative processes such as El deseo de andar o Correspondencias desde Eyjafjallajokull a reflection proyect around the idea of Europe.


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