Angelo Ferreira de Sousa

Angelo Ferreira de Sousa, Oporto (Portugal) 1975

Period of residence: October 2001 – 2003

After his studies in Fine Arts, and even during these, he was involved in various actions, exhibitions, site-specific projects, videos and performances, most of the time with a socio-politic – or poetic-politic? – spirit and following these mainlines: direct action, visual poetry, technical reproductivity which make easier large scale public interventions. For instance: chalk drawings, photocopies stuck like posters, stickers – fast and ephemeral – a space where the artistic and the politics are part of the same mechanism of production and circulation.

His work also tends to get the viewer out of his tired and comfortable position – that’s why the production side is simplified- trying to break the traditional trails of art works. His work is often anonymous, which empathises the ambiguity of its origin. It uses the institutional – and almost universal – languages existing in symbols, in the advertising industry, in the clichés… resulting in an ironic “game” and puns, in an attempt to boycott systems and to enlarge communication, laugh and denunciation.



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